5 Important Facts About The Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion The Arizona Bark Scorpion, also known as centruroides sculpturatus, is species of scorpion that is native to the Sonoran Desert. This creepy little creature is small in size and light brown in color, and resides in arid and semi-arid regions.

If you’re a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, it’s important to understand the Arizona Bark Scorpion and what you’re up against as a homeowner.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the top 5 things you need to know about the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Have you seen one in your home? Call our Arizona pest control company. We offer free scorpion inspections!

1. They’re a nocturnal pest

Like most other scorpions, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is a nocturnal pest. The scorpion is active during the night and sleep during the day.

However, this does not mean that you can’t encounter the scorpion during the day. A number of cases have been reported of scorpion stings at home during bright daylight when the individuals had accidentally stumbled upon their hiding place. Arizona Bark Scorpions typically like to hide under rocks outside, in piles of wood or debris, or in piles of leaves. They’ll also make their homes in trees on your property.

2. They’re after other pests in and around your home

The Arizona Bark Scorpion feeds on insects. Cockroaches and crickets are the preferred food items of the scorpion. Spiders can also become food for the scorpion. The Arizona Bark Scorpion can survive days without food—but not without access to water.

3. They can squeeze into your home easily

The scorpion spends most of its time outside, hiding under logs and rocks. But, they usually enter the house during hot weather in search of their prey. The scorpions enter the home through voids in the walls.

The Arizona Bark Scorpion can squeeze between spaces that are incredibly thin, meaning they’ll often exploit any gaps in your home’s defenses. They’re a good reason to consider home sealing services from us here at KY-KO Pest Prevention.

4. Their sting hurts—and can be very dangerous

Individuals that are stung by the scorpion experience acute pain for 24 to 72 hours. The sting causes tingling sensation and numbness in the affected area. The affected part may also become temporarily immobilized after the sting. Some people also experience convulsions a few minutes after the bite.

Fatalities associated with Arizona Bark Scorpion are extremely rare, and actually haven’t occurred in decades. However, those with an allergic reaction, young children, and pets are more likely to experience life-threatening conditions from a scorpion sting.

5. You can easily find this pest in and around your home

That’s because the Arizona Bark Scorpion actually glows in the presence of UV light, such as that from a blacklight. If you don’t own a blacklight, many hardware stores in the Phoenix area stock them specifically for scorpion hunting at night.

Call KY-KO Pest Prevention for help with the Arizona Bark Scorpion

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