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Have KY-KO check your home for roof rats

In recent years, roof rats have spread through the Valley like wildfire. These hardy pests travel easily and love homes that offer both easy access to shelter and food.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs of roof rats on your property, it’s time to contact KY-KO Pest Prevention and schedule your free pest inspection. Call us at 480-964-8900 today!


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Common signs of roof rats:



When your citrus trees drop fruit, check the fruit after a few days. If you’re noticing half-eaten fruit, it could be the work of rats. One of the things we’ll recommend, if you do have rats, is quickly picking up and disposing of dropped fruit, denying the rats that easy—and tasty—meal.


In many cases, roof rats are interested in traveling to and from your home to other locations. In particular, if you have fruit and / or nut trees, they’ll travel to your yard to eat fallen fruit. If you see one rat, don’t just assume it’s the only one. Call KY-KO Pest Prevention at 480-964-8900 for a free roof rat inspection.



Roof rats living in your attic make noises and smells that may be hard for humans to detect, but—chances are—your cat or dog can sense them. If you find your pets barking or meowing at the ceiling for no reason, it might be something that warrants a closer look.

Other Signs

Droppings – Rat droppings can be very toxic. If you see rat droppings outside or in your home, call KY-KO Pest Prevention at 480-964-8900. We’ll dispose of the droppings safely and inspect for the rats that left them.

Noises – If you listen carefully late at night, you may be able to hear the sounds of roof rats nesting in your attic. If you hear any scratching or squeaking sounds, give us a call.

Getting rid of a roof rat infestation


Roof Rat Hotspots In The Valley

The Phoenix metro area is consistently among the leaders nationally for roof rat infestation rates. Originating from the East Coast, these rats found a great home in Arizona, with roomy, undisturbed attics; warm winter nights; and a ready food supply of backyard citrus.

    • Downtown
    • Phoenix
    • Arcadia
    • Scottsdale
    • Mesa
    • Tempe
    • Chandler
    • Gilbert
    • Ahwatukee
    • Sun City

#1. Eliminate the current rats

We’ll start by helping you get rid of the current rats on your property.

For this, we recommend using baited traps, not poison. Poison is not only a danger to your pets, but it can often lead to trouble: on a larger rat, poison might have a delayed effect that allows the rat to return to its nest, where it dies. You then have to deal with removing a dead, rotting rat from a relatively inaccessible place.

Our traps get rid of the rats without the mess and concern of poison.

#2. Prevent rats from returning

Once the current rats are safely dealt with, KY-KO Pest Prevention will advise you on how to best prevent a re-infestation. This starts with eliminating the two things the rats want: shelter and food.

To eliminate shelter, safely blocking access to weep holes and other points of your attic is a must. Roof rats can also live in bushes, so keeping your landscaping trimmed down helps.

Getting rid of food is even easier: you’ll need to pick up dropped fruit and keep your yard clear of any trash they can use as food. Keep trash cans sealed with a lid and pick up pet food after your pet is done eating.

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