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Get rid of your roof rats.

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We’re the Valley’s roof rat control experts.

In recent years, roof rats have spread through the Valley like wildfire. These hardy pests travel easily and love homes that offer both easy access to shelter and food. The three common signs of roof rats in or around your home include half-eaten citrus, strange pet behavior, and rodent droppings.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs of roof rats in your property, it’s time to contact KY-KO Pest Prevention and schedule your free pest inspection. Call us or fill out the form above to get started.

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What are some signs you have roof rats?

If your yard is full of dropped citrus fruit, it could play a role in attracting roof rats to your property.

Half-Eaten Citrus

When your citrus trees drop fruit, check the fruit after a few days. If you’re noticing half-eaten fruit, it could be the work of rats. Call us for a free rat inspection here in the Valley.

Roof rats are a major problem in Scottsdale, AZ, as they've invaded multiple neighborhoods in the East Valley.

Visual Sightings

Roof rats travel to your home to other locations. In particular, if you have fruit and / or nut trees, they’ll travel to your yard to eat fallen fruit. See a rat? Don’t assume it’s the only one.

If your pets are behaving strangely or barking at the roof suddenly, you might need to call us for a rodent inspection.

Odd Pet Behavior

Roof rats make noises and smells that may be hard for humans to detect, but your cat or dog can sense them. If you find your pets barking or meowing at the ceiling, it warrants an inspection.

If you're noticing evidence of a rodent nest—like the one pictured—call us for rodent control here in Phoenix, AZ.

Rodent Droppings

Rat droppings can be very toxic. If you see rat droppings outside or in your home, give us a call. We’ll dispose of the droppings safely and inspect around your home for the rats that left them.

If you have roof rats like this one, you need to give us a call for a free inspection and roof rat removal here in Phoenix.

Strange Noises

If you listen carefully late at night, you may be able to hear the sounds of roof rats nesting in your attic. If you hear any scratching or squeaking sounds, give us a call for a free inspection.

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We’re HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved.

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We’ve been a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved business for more than a decade. This means we meet their rigorous licensing and employee background check standards. We’re proud to be a HomeAdvisor partner that works with local customers.

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Become rodent-free with our renowned roof rat control and prevention services, celebrated throughout the Valley for their unparalleled effectiveness. End your roof rat troubles once and for all by reaching out to us today. Kickstart your journey towards a rat-free environment with a complimentary rodent inspection from our skilled team. Our friendly experts are ready to visit your home at your convenience, meticulously checking every nook and cranny for any sign of these unwanted guests.