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Seal pests out of your home.

A KY-KO pest technician uses a caulking gun to apply caulk around this home's door frame, sealing pests out of the home.
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We specialize in home sealing for pests.

Looking for an effective, safe, and pesticide-free way to prevent scorpions, roaches, and other unsightly invaders from getting in your home?

With our 25-step process, our experienced technicians identify common pest entry points and then use a variety of methods—from caulking to the addition of weather stripping and wire mesh—to block them, denying pests access to the inside.

Don’t trust just any company with this work. Turn to the company that cares about quality: KY-KO Pest Prevention.

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Seal of your home from an invasion of pest with our 25-step home sealing process.

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  • Home sealing is incredibly effective.
  • Our team thoroughly seals your home.
  • Start with a free inspection and quote from us.
Our Owner's Pride Seal of Quality is our pledge to you: we'll provide your home with the very best service.

Our Owner’s Pride Guarantee.

The Valley’s trusted pest team.

We’re one of the Valley’s most-trusted names in pest and termite control. Our friendly, effective service comes backed by our Owner’s Pride Guarantee. We promise: if you’re not satisfied with our service, let us know. We’ll work to make things right.

If you need home pest control here in Scottsdale, go ahead and give us a call for a free pest inspection.

Start with a free inspection and quote.

We provide upfront estimates.

The quotes we provide on our home sealing services are dependent on a number of factors, including the size, age, and building style of your home. For these reasons, all home seals start with a free inspection. We’ll come to your home and make an evaluation of what work will be needed to complete the home seal. We’ll then send you an upfront estimate for your home sealing.

We work with new homes.

Should you seal your new build?

Having a new home built? Why not start your home ownership right with a home seal? This offers the most complete barrier, since our technicians will have access to parts of the home under construction that they wouldn’t otherwise. We offer free inspections and can provide you with a written quote.

FAQs for a Pest-Free Environment

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Why is home sealing important for pest control?

What types of pests can home sealing help to control?

How do I know if my home needs sealing?

What areas of the home are typically sealed during the process?

Is home sealing environmentally friendly?

How long does home sealing take, and is it disruptive to my routine?

Can I seal my home myself, or should I hire a professional service?

How often should I schedule home sealing maintenance?

We're a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved pest control company here in Phoenix, AZ.

We’re HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved.

You can trust our team of experts.

We’ve been a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved business for more than a decade. This means we meet their rigorous licensing and employee background check standards. We’re proud to be a HomeAdvisor partner that works with local customers.