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Your Valley Bee Removal Experts

Every Valley homeowner with flowers in their garden or yard will have some bees around pollinating. However, if you notice an uptick in bee population, or swarming behavior around a particular spot, you need to call in the pros at KY-KO Pest Prevention for a free bee inspection.

Left untreated, beehives aren’t just a danger to yourself, your pets, and your neighbors, but they can actually damage you home if the hive is inside a wall or attic. For a free bee inspection, contact us or call 480-964-8900.


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No matter where bees are, we can handle them

We’re your local bee control experts. No matter where in your home or property bees are, we can help. Here are just some of the most common places for bees to place beehives or swarms:

Walls & Attics

Bees often like to create hives inside garage walls or attics, where there’s warmth in the winter and shelter in the summer. Left untreated, bees and their honey can create major problems for your home.

If you think your walls or attic contains bees, it’s time to call KY-KO Pest Prevention at 480-964-8900 for a free in-home bee inspection.


Sheds & Storage

Sheds and storage units outside provide bees with two advantages: one, they’re often left undisturbed, and, two, they have shelter from the elements.

Look for increased bee activity. Never open a shed or storage container you suspect has bees in it! Instead, call in the pros at KY-KO Pest Prevention.


Trees & Bushes

This is where most homeowners and property owners often expect to find bees. If you notice an increased level of bee activity in your yard or around, look at the branches of the tree.

If no hive is visible, the hive may be in a bush. Never go rooting through a bush to find a beehive! Instead, give us a call for a free bee inspection.

Other Common Beehive Locations:

  • Old Tires: If you have old tires on your property, bees love making their home inside, where they’re protected from the elements.
  • In-Ground: Bees are versatile, and will create nests in storm drains, in utility boxes, and in any other places they can easily access.

Why choose KY-KO Pest Prevention?


Should you be worried about “killer bees”?

Yes. Africanized Honey Bees, popularly known as “killer bees,” are an aggressive, highly territorial bee that has started to take over territory from normal honey bees.

They’re identical to most bees, but they live up to their moniker: they’ll pursue people and pets who get too close to the hive for miles, stinging over and over thousands of times. In the saddest of cases, this can even lead to death.

Treat every beehive in your home or on your property with extreme caution. Never attempt to remove a hive yourself. Instead, call in the experts at KY-KO Pest Prevention so we can bring the right equipment and tools to safely remove the hive.

Bee control starts with a plan

We offer free bee inspections here in the Valley, not just to put homeowner’s minds at ease, but to also get a good idea of what our techs are up against. Much of the bee control plan we put together is dependent on the location of the hive, the aggression of the bees, and other factors.

Does KY-KO humanely remove bees?

That greatly depends on the factors our team is looking at, and each home or property is different. Where possible, we may look to capture and relocate the hive, provided that the bees aren’t posing a threat to anyone. However, that may not always be possible.

For bee control, follow-through matters

Bees are pheromone-based creatures. If you don’t block the entrance to where the hive was (now removed), they’ll re-infest in a certain amount of time. That’s why KY-KO Pest Prevention will advise you on how to best prevent bees from returning, and how you can block their path to re-infestation.

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