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Save Yourself from a Scorpion Sting

Scorpion is not a very uncommon creature in Arizona. You must have heard of the Arizona bark Scorpions and the medical emergencies caused by them. We do not want to scare you by any means. We just want you to be safe from all such calamities and this is something that you can control very easily.

You may not need the help of Arizona exterminators but that depends upon your locality and surrounding regions. However, you cannot stay within the premises of your house all the time. Office, school, markets, parking areas etc, you can encounter a scorpion at any place. It is better to keep yourself alert and informed on how to deal with this unwelcome and dangerous guest.

Scorpions Are Smart

The first thing you need to remember is that Scorpions are not like ordinary insects. These critters are difficult to kill and can sting even after dying. Their venom is strong enough to cause medical emergencies even after their death. You don’t want to deal with them all by yourself. It is important that you keep the numbers of some experienced and reliable Arizona exterminators in your list of emergency numbers.

Don’t Go Near It

Scorpions are not so uncommon in Arizona, but it doesn’t mean that you will find them in every house or street. If it is your first encounter with a Scorpion, then you may be tempted to touch or have a closer look at it. Stop right there. This thing may seem tiny and beautiful to you, but it is definitely not worth having a closer look at. They run very fast and will sting you before you know it.

Dead Is Dangerous

Scorpions are dangerous even after dying. Stand far away and move it with a long stick. Make sure it is dead before you take the next step. A sleeping scorpion also looks like it is dead. Don’t touch it with your bare hands in either case. Once you are sure of its demise, use a broom or wooden board to remove it from there.

If You Get Stung…

You may be very careful with it, but can still get stung as scorpions are very fast runners. Well, most of them are not life threatening. Nevertheless you need to take immediate precautions. Wash the infected part of your body thoroughly with water and an antiseptic soap. Immediately call the poison control centre to come and take care of you. Next, make a call to any of the available Arizona exterminators and have them deal with this tiny creature. Grab some ice and get out of that place far away from that creature, before you faint. Rub the ice on the infested part to alleviate some of the pain.

Important Note

If you have scorpions in your areas or worst yet in your house, then try to wear thick soled shoes or slippers at all times. This will save your feet from scorpion stings. Dealing with a scorpion far away from your place is easy, but what will you do if your home is invaded by it? Call us today and have your house completely checked by them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.