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5 Signs of Scorpions Near Your Home

Living in Arizona, we have our fair share of scorpion infestations. If you haven’t encountered one yourself, you will, at least, know someone who has seen a scorpion face to face. As the weather starts to heat up, homeowners and renters cannot help but wonder if their home will be subject to a scorpion infestation. Scorpions are terrifying for their simple fact that their venomous sting can harm you or your family. They tend to sting when they are disturbed, but since they are generally translucent, they can be hard to miss. Noticing crucial warning signs of scorpions in and around your home can help you to be more proactive in finding these scary critters before they sneak up on you.


Although scorpions prefer warm climates, they are a nocturnal insect and prefer to hide out in cool and shady areas. If your Phoenix home has a lot of shady places to hide, you have a higher chance of seeing the venomous pest in your home.

Citrus trees

There are various types of scorpions that live in the state. One type of scorpion is known as the Bark scorpion and they tend to live in dark, wet environments. If your home is located near an orchard or your have citrus trees in your yard, you could be unexpectedly housing scorpions near your home.   

Have already had one encounter with signs of scorpions

Scorpions are naturally territorial creatures. That means that if you have had a past encounter with a scorpion in your home or near it, there is a high probability that you will run into another one in the future. If they are comfortable in their surrounding it takes a lot for them to leave the comfort of the area they are in.

Hiring a professional pest control company to handle the elimination of the scorpions in your home mean you have a better chance of saying goodbye for these scary pests for good!

Increase in smaller insects

Are you noticing more crickets and cockroaches in your home? This may be the most telling sign of a scorpion infestation. These smaller insects are the food that scorpions like to prey on. That means there is more of a chance of scorpions coming into your home to snatch of these insects, and they will, more likely than not, come back for more.

Although general pesticides does not do much in the way of stopping scorpions from entering your home, it can help to get rid of the smaller bugs that acts as a food source for the translucent critters.

Live in a warm climate

This should come to no surprise. Scorpions are attracted to warmer climates (generally around the range of 68-99 degrees Fahrenheit), which is why they are typically seen in Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas. Living in Phoenix naturally increases your risk of not only seeing a scorpions but having an infestation in your home.

How to remedy the problem

There are a few home remedies homeowners can try to help the get rid of the scorpions. Scorpions are not the smartest of creatures, so by setting up glue traps near the openings of your home, you have a good chance of trapping them before they sneak into your home. It is also important to look for any cracks (small or large) in your home and seal them to lock out scorpions and other insects.

Scorpions can be dangerous, especially when you have children, so we always urge you to hire a professional if you have a continuous problem. Reputable pest control companies have more experience spotting the various types of scorpions and know what steps to take to ensure they do not scare you or your family again.

Hiring a professional

If you are ready to call in the professionals to handle your scorpion problem, you will want to bring on a team you can trust. At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we want to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. That is why all of our work is backed by our Owner’s Pride Guarantee.

If you are ready to schedule your scorpions inspection and service, please give us a call or schedule your service online.