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How to Protect Your Home From Scorpions This Summer in Arizona


Scorpions may be one of the oldest living land animals, around before the dinosaur age. They are as fascinating as they are frightening, which is why you want to protect your home from scorpions.
Preventing scorpion infestations is essential if you live in Arizona. While home damage from scorpions is minimal, they pose a threat to you and your loved ones. Their sting can have serious side effects, especially for children, and species such as the bark scorpion are venomous.
So, are you ready to take action and stop worrying about scorpion infestations? Read on to learn the best ways to protect your home from scorpions this year.


1. Recognize Signs of Scorpions

You might notice scorpion droppings if you have a scorpion – they look like sand. Other signs include a pungent scent in your home, often compared to bleach or rotten eggs. However, the main sign you have scorpions is scorpion sightings, either in your yard or in your home.
Scorpions are nocturnal creatures, so you are more likely to see them at night. Always wear protective gear and call a scorpion control service if you see one. It can help if you know the different types of scorpions in Arizona to tell them apart:

-Bark scorpion
-Stripetail scorpion
-Giant hairy scorpion
-Yellow ground scorpion

The bark scorpion is a yellow-tan color, and its sting is venomous, causing harmful side effects such as muscle spasms. You or your loved one needs immediate medical attention if they are stung. The yellowtail is similar to the bark scorpion.
The stripetail scorpion is yellow with stripes, often found around the Sonoran Desert. It is usually less than three inches in size. The giant hair scorpion is the largest in the US and is often found in the Saguaro forests.

2. Check Clothing

Before you enter your home or put on clothing, check for scorpions. Scorpions love to hide in shoes, so always shake them before putting them on and avoid leaving clothing on the floor. Otherwise, you could unknowingly bring scorpions into the home.

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3. Manage Your Landscaping

Scorpions love shaded areas, so you should keep your landscaping in check. Cut back vegetation around your home, such as trees, grass, and bushes. Avoid using large rocks in your home, as many types of scorpions like to make a home in them.
Overhanging trees provide easy access to your home for various pests, including scorpions. They are attracted to trees such as palm trees and citrus trees due to the shade and moisture. If you have these types of trees, you need to be vigilant with your scorpion control tools.
Cleaning your yard also reduces the food sources scorpions love. For example, leaf litter can encourage insects such as ants and spiders. Scorpions will be attracted to your home if a viable food source is nearby.

4. Clear Your Home’s Exterior

There are several ways to prevent scorpion infestations outside your home. The first step is to check for easy access points to your home. Do you have any cracks or gaps that need sealing?
Scorpions can fit through tiny gaps, so get any access points sealed in your home. Also, any items around your home exterior that you do not move regularly could attract scorpions. Clear debris around the exterior, such as wood piles, bricks, trash areas, and pine straw.
Be careful when you move these items, as scorpions or other pests could be hiding underneath them. Wear protective clothing, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes. Call a scorpion control service to safely remove items if you suspect you have a scorpion infestation.

5.Adjust Yard Lighting

Yard lighting can help you see scorpions at night, which is when they are at their most active. You can install a blacklight to illuminate your yard and any scorpions. Scorpions glow in the dark because of their exoskeleton, which gives them a blue-green glow when it absorbs ultraviolet light wavelengths.
You should also consider if your exterior lighting might attract more insects, such as crickets, which scorpions love. Along with blacklights, install warmer bulbs. Insects are often attracted to bright white lights, so consider warmer bulbs to reduce insect numbers.

6. Remove Standing Water

Scorpions will wander into your home searching for water, often through the plumbing system. Eliminate any areas of standing water around your home, and deal with any leaks that may be creating excess moisture in your home.
Inspect cabinets and warm areas of your home regularly. And if you have a pool, periodically inspect it. Consider a pool cover to prevent easy access to the water.


7. Call a Scorpion Control Service

There are different ways to protect your home from scorpions, but there also comes a time when you should call a professional pest control service.
They will be able to inspect your home and have the best scorpion prevention tools. For example, they will identify and seal any gaps that scorpions may enter through. Usually, home sealing services involve caulking, weather-stripping, and other techniques to keep your home safe.
Scorpions are experts at hiding and climbing too, so if you notice signs of scorpions, call a professional service. Scorpion stings are no joke, but a professional service has the skills, resources, and experience to deal with the problem efficiently.
You should also call a pest control service if you notice other pests in your home, especially if they are pests that scorpions like to eat.

Protect Your Home From Scorpions

Follow these tips to protect your home from scorpions this summer. The sooner you take action, the better, as scorpion sightings increase with Arizona temperatures. These tips will also help prevent other pests from entering your home, including scorpion food sources.
If you do notice scorpions in your home, do not panic. They usually only sting if they feel threatened, so keep a safe distance and call a scorpion control service.
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