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Here’s Why You Should Consider Home Sealing

A KY-KO pest technician uses a caulking gun to apply caulk around this home's door frame, sealing pests out of the home.

Home Sealing

Cockroaches and other pests can compromise your and your family’s health. The best way to prevent an infestation is by sealing off entry points. This is where home sealing can prove invaluable. Bugs can fit into the tiniest of spaces. Seal bugs out of your home by filling the cracks, crevices, and holes.

What is Home Sealing?

Home sealing blocks those paths that pests can wiggle through and gain access to your home. Professional home sealers can seal all of the cracks, gaps, and holes on your home’s exterior. This includes screening and sealing doors and other entry points that pests such as scorpions, cockroaches, and crickets can use to get inside.

If you see any pests and insects, you can bet there is more to what meets the eye. There is an entire army of pests in your home that is skilled at hiding. You will only realize their presence when the infestation gets too large to remain unnoticed. Take action fast before it is too late.

The service will deploy a full-time team to your place during the home sealing process. The team will use a step-by-step home sealing process, by first identifying potential entry points. and then blocking any access to your home. Some of the areas they may seal are, the area around door frames and AC vents, roof vents, and where the foundation meets the siding.

One of our technicians prepares the materials and tools needed for our home sealing pest control service in Phoenix.

Top Benefits of Home Sealing

Besides pest prevention, home sealing can also provide benefits that can last for years:

Seal holes, gaps, and cracks

Sealing holes, gaps, and cracks is essential for preventing pests from infiltrating your home. These entry points are commonly found along the seams where your roof meets the wall, but they can also be present in other areas such as the basement, attic, spaces where pipes emerge from walls, or crawl spaces. Neglecting to seal these openings can provide easy access for pests like red and black ants to invade your living spaces.

Professional pest prevention services, such as KY-KO Pest Prevention, employ specialized techniques to address these vulnerabilities effectively. Using weather-resistant caulking materials, trained technicians meticulously seal off these entry points, creating a barrier that deters pests from entering your home. This proactive approach not only safeguards against pest infestations but also helps reinforce the structural integrity of your property by preventing moisture intrusion and potential damage caused by pests.

By investing in comprehensive pest prevention measures that include sealing holes, gaps, and cracks, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their living spaces are protected against unwanted intruders. With expert sealing services in place, you can maintain a pest-free environment and preserve the comfort and safety of your home for years to come.

If you have a beehive on or around your property, you need to give our team a call for bee removal here in Phoenix.

Block flying insects

Blocking flying insects from entering your home is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment. When screens on windows or attic airflow vents are torn or missing, it creates an open invitation for flying pests to infiltrate your living spaces. These gaps in your home’s defenses not only allow insects such as bees and wasps to enter but also provide them with an ideal nesting ground, leading to potential infestations within your attic.

Addressing these vulnerabilities requires a proactive approach to pest prevention. As part of a comprehensive home sealing process, skilled technicians will meticulously inspect windows, attic vents, and other potential entry points for flying insects. Any torn or missing screens will be promptly repaired or replaced to ensure a secure barrier against pests. In cases where screens are damaged beyond repair, technicians may opt to install screen patches or entirely replace the screen to fortify your home’s defenses.

By blocking flying insects from accessing your living spaces, you can mitigate the risk of pest infestations and safeguard your home and family from potential health hazards and structural damage. With professional pest prevention services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is effectively protected against flying pests, allowing you to maintain a healthy and pest-free environment.

Barricade doors and windows against crawling insects

Creating a fortified barrier against crawling insects is essential for maintaining a pest-free environment within your home. Windows and doors, despite being primary points of access to your living spaces, often harbor small gaps and crevices around their frames, which serve as entry points for crawling pests. Among these, sliding windows and doors pose a particular challenge as they are inherently difficult to seal off completely, leaving ample room for pests to infiltrate your home.

The presence of improperly sealed or open doors and windows provides an open invitation for various crawling insects, including crickets, moths, and even scorpions, to enter your living spaces. Once inside, these pests can pose a nuisance, disrupt your peace of mind, and potentially compromise your health and safety.

To effectively barricade doors and windows against crawling insects, a professional pest control service will employ specialized techniques and materials. Silicon caulking is commonly used to seal gaps and cracks around window frames, creating a tight seal that prevents pests from finding their way indoors. Additionally, weather stripping is applied to door frames to ensure a secure barrier against crawling pests.

By utilizing these methods, pest control technicians can help homeowners create a fortified defense system that effectively blocks crawling insects from entering their homes. This proactive approach to pest prevention not only enhances the comfort and safety of your living spaces but also provides long-term protection against pest infestations.


Stay safe from scorpions

Protecting yourself and your home from scorpions is paramount, especially in regions like Phoenix, where these arachnids are prevalent. Scorpions have a particular affinity for block walls commonly found surrounding homes in the area. The gaps between segments in these walls provide an ideal habitat for scorpions, offering both shelter and easy access onto your property.

To safeguard against scorpion infestations, it’s crucial to address these entry points effectively. Pest control services employ specialized techniques and materials to seal the gaps in block walls, depriving scorpions of their preferred breeding and nesting grounds. Special caulking is applied to these spaces, creating a tight seal that prevents scorpions from infiltrating your property.

By sealing off these entry points, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of encountering scorpions within their living spaces. This proactive approach to pest prevention not only enhances the safety and comfort of your home but also provides peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken necessary steps to protect yourself and your family from potential scorpion encounters.

In addition to sealing block walls, pest control professionals may also provide comprehensive pest management solutions tailored to your specific needs. This may include regular inspections, targeted treatments, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that your property remains scorpion-free.

With professional pest control services at your disposal, you can effectively safeguard your home against scorpions and other unwanted pests, allowing you to enjoy your living spaces with confidence and peace of mind.

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