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Benefits of Home Sealing for Pests

Do pesky pests keep finding a way into your Mesa home? There is nothing more terrifying than going about your business in your own space and coming across a creepy crawly. Bugs of all different sorts always find a way into your home if there are any openings for them to get through. If you are continually stumbling across insects in your home, it is time for a more effective way of locking out the pests from your home. Home sealing helps to lock out the determined pests who try to enter your home. If you are contemplating if home sealing is the next step for you, learn more about the added benefits, process and how to choose a company you trust to complete the job right.  

Is Home Sealing safe?

Unlike standard pest control, home sealing does not use any harsh chemicals or pesticides to keep pests out. Home sealing focuses on a preventative approach by closing up any openings where bugs or scorpions could sneak in and scare your family. Most homeowners would be surprised to find that there are many areas in their home where pests could enter and wreak havoc. For example, the weatherstripping on doors and windows is usually the first place bugs will go to get into your home.

Not only does home sealing keep your family, pets and home safe while keeping pests out, it also has the added benefit of sealing your home from air leakages. That means, during the summer, cool air won’t escape your home and during the winter, warm air will stay in.

Benefits of Home Sealing

There are more benefits to home sealing then to just keep those pesky bugs and critters out of your home. Sealing small spaces and cracks in your home can help to ease many other annoyances that you experience as a homeowner. When you schedule your home sealing service, you will be left with a bug-free home, lower energy bills and an overall more comfortable home for you and your family to enjoy.

Some of the added benefits of home sealing are:

— Less pollen and dust in your home

— Reduce noise from outside

— Better humidity control

— Increase in energy efficiency

— Decrease in the number of pests entering your home

Home Sealing Process

Home sealing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep pests out of your home. From scorpions to rodents, sealing every hole and point of entry is a safer and longer-lasting option to protect your home and loved ones. Whether your home has been around for years or you are just getting started building your dream place, you can seal and create a barrier to keep your home bug-free.

We dedicate a full-time crew of professionals year-round that specializes in our extensive 25-step home sealing process. When you schedule your free inspection with our team, we will come out and scan your home for any possible entry points for pests to sneak in and cause a disturbance. During our home sealing treatment, we will dust your attic space, check & apply weather-stripping to doorways, seal around AC vents and door frames, screen roof vents and much more!

Feel protected after your home sealing treatment with our Owner’s Pride Guarantee. All of our work is backed by a 3-year to lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about pests entering your home or disturbing your peace of mind.

Choosing a Company You Trust

No one pest is the same; however, they all provide equal annoyance to your comfort and family. When choosing an Arizona exterminator, you want someone who specializes in all varieties of pests that can find their way into your home. At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we handle termites, general pest control, bed bugs, scorpions, and a great deal more using safe, EPA approved chemicals.

In addition, you will want to select a company that employs trained and certified professional to enter your home. All of our professionals are thorough in their inspections and have undergone extensive background checks before working for our company.
Ready to get started living pest free? Schedule your FREE inspection with our team to see if home sealing is the best option to keep pests out of your Mesa home for good!