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How much will it cost to treat my home for termites?

Flexible treatment options fit your budget.

Many factors come into play when determining your termite treatments. Luckily, your KY-KO Pest Prevention technician will discuss these with you and help you decide what options would work best for you. Some of the factors that could influence the cost of the termite treatment could include:

    • If you currently have a termite problem and it’s severity
    • Size and location of your home
    • Your home’s risk level to an infestation
    • Recommended treatments based on the termite inspection.
    • Type of foundation
    • Wanting preventative treatments
    • In need of termite protection for a new build


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What happens during the termite treatment process?

Is the Treatment safe around children and pets?

The safety of your loved ones is our number one priority. KY-KO Pest Prevention products are completely safe for your pets and family.

Proven treatments using the best products and equipment.

The most commonly performed treatments are Soil and Structural. Both are used to protect your home, at the highest level, from termites. Depending on your termite situation and your treatment needs, KY-KO Pest Prevention technicians will take every measure to give you the most effective treatment.

Creating a barrier around your home.

Since the majority of termites in Arizona live underground, it is extremely important that we treat the soil around your home, creating a barrier to keep the termites from reaching your home from underground tunnels. KY-KO Pest Prevention professionals build this perimeter by building trenches, drilling, and using rod injection. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to ensure a strong barrier is created.

What happens after the treatment?

Take a breath and enjoy your termite free home.

When we complete a treatment on your home, your protection doesn’t stop when we walk out the door. You don’t have to worry about expensive damages to your home caused by termites. We offer warranty options from 1-5 years. After a treatment, if you discover signs of a termite infestation in the treated areas, we will take care of the problem at no extra cost. You can also expect a yearly termite inspection to always stay one step ahead of disastrous termites.

* KY-KO Pest Prevention offers a 1-year termite warranty included with every service, and 5-year termite warranties are available at an additional cost.

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