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We’re your pest and termite experts.

If you want to live pest-free, you need the best pest control in Phoenix: no exceptions. Call us for a free inspection.
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The West Valley’s best pest team.

Pest Control Services in Glendale, Arizona

  • Free pest and termite inspections.
  • Residential and commercial service.
  • Friendly, professional pest experts.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
A KY-KO termite treatment specialist here in Scottsdale, AZ applies termiticide to a trench.

Noticing signs of pest activity? It’s time to bring in an expert. At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we’re the West Valley’s trusted pest treatment and prevention professionals!

For years, we’ve been your locally trusted team for Glendale pest control. We help both homes and businesses with their pest problems. We’re known for our friendly, knowledgable team and our thorough—and effective!—work.

Get started by scheduling a free pest inspection with our team. We’ll send one of our pest experts out to your home or business to check for pests.

50% Off Initial Scorpion Control

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We offer free scorpion inspections here in the Valley and use this promotion to save money on your initial scorpion treatment.

50% Off Initial Pest Control

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Roaches, ants, crickets – get them and any other pests under control while saving some cash when you use this coupon.

$99 Off Termite Treatment

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Protect your home from devastating termite damage and save some money with this special offer.

$100 Off Home Seal Service

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Seal of your home from an invasion of pest with our 25-step home sealing process.

$20 Off Bed Bug Treatment

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Let us remove them for you and save you some money when you use this coupon.

$25 Off Bee Removal Service

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Left untreated, beehives are a danger to yourself, your pets, and your neighbors. Let us remove them for you.

$25 Off Pigeon Control Service

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Pigeon droppings are unsightly, and their nests can block gutters, causing water damage to your home. Let us clean up the mess and prevent them from returning.

$25 Off Rodent Control

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Save some money when you use this coupon for our rodent control service.

The Valley’s trusted pest team.

Our Owner’s Pride Guarantee.

We’re one of the Valley’s most-trusted names in pest and termite control. Our friendly, effective service comes backed by our Owner’s Pride Guarantee. We promise: if you’re not satisfied with our service, let us know. We’ll work to make things right.

Our Owner's Pride Seal of Quality is our pledge to you: we'll provide your home with the very best service.

Call us for a free inspection!

Pest problems? We can help!

A KY-KO Pest technician loads up their truck before heading out to help a local client.

Pest Control

From roaches and rats to bees and pigeons, our team handles all things pest control here in Glendale, Arizona. We get results for Valley homeowners and businesses. Call today for a free inspection.

Subterranean termites create mud tubes on your home's foundation to climb up and access the structure itself.


If you’ve started noticing mud tubes or other signs of termite activity, don’t hesitate to bring in a friendly, helpful expert! Call KY-KO for the right termite control here in Glendale, Arizona.

If you've noticed any Arizona bark scorpions in or around your home, you need to call us for a free inspection.


Seeing scorpions in your home? It’s time to kick them out—for good. Call us for professional scorpion control in Glendale. We’ll send one of our experts out for a free scorpion inspection.

A KY-KO pest technician uses a caulking gun to apply caulk around this home's door frame, sealing pests out of the home.

Home Sealing

Home sealing is one of the most-effective forms of long-term pest control and prevention here in the Valley. With our thorough sealing process, we’ll lock out your home’s pests.

We handle all types of pests.

We also offer these other services.




Bed Bugs

You can trust our team of experts.

We’re HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved.

We’ve been a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved business for more than a decade. This means we meet their rigorous licensing and employee background check standards. We’re proud to be a HomeAdvisor partner that works with local customers.

We're a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved pest control company here in Phoenix, AZ.

Proud to be your local pest control team.

KY-KO Pest Prevention is your locally trusted pest and termite control team here in the West Valley. We’re proud to help Glendale’s homeowners and businesses with all their pest treatment and prevention needs!

No matter what kind of pest you’re dealing with, call us. From pigeon deterrence to termite treatment here in Glendale, Arizona, our friendly team is always ready to help.


Your home is your shelter. You deserve better than having to share it with pests. At KY-KO, we work with homeowners to decisively deal with their home’s pest infestations.

What’s the difference between us and other pest control companies? For one, we recognize that effective pest control is a war—not a one-time battle. We want to both remove pests from your home and prevent them from returning.

It’s why we offer our comprehensive home sealing service. Effective pest treatment is more than just spraying pesticide. It’s thinking ahead to protect your home.


We know how important effective pest control is to your business. It’s why the team at KY-KO Pest Prevention has spent years perfecting our commercial pest control treatment process.

We don’t just spray and call it a day. We meet with you to put together a comprehensive, multifaceted pest control strategy, built around your business’ unique needs.

It’s not just about elimination. After all, “prevention” is in our name. We want to get rid of your current pest problem while also preventing the next one. It’s what makes our approach different—and ultra-effective!