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How to out-wit garden pests

Are pests causing a lot of damage in your garden? Did you witness pest attacks on your crops and are determined to outwit those deadly insects? Here are some steps that you can use in your favor:

Cross-grow and foster confusion

Insect and pests can be easily confused through a mix of scents and sights. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid monoculture while cultivating crops in your garden and try to foster biodiversity. This will ensure possibly the best pest control in AZ, on your part. If you are used to growing extensive rows of the same crop, try mixing in different plants and place them alongside each other to get on the nerves of garden pests trying to spoil your crops.

Grow carrots alongside onions and peas right next to chives, basil, and tomatoes. It is even better if you mix in the plantation of flowers and edibles. Therefore, if you have a fully-grown garden of beautiful multi-colored flowers, add in a few crops of hot pepper plants. Likewise, give thought about growing dwarf marigolds alongside your vegetable beds.

Create an army of good insects

Probably the best way to defeat the infestation of garden pests is to call upon an army of beneficial insects. A vast variety of beneficial insects feed on pests and therefore, you can use them as a great method of pest control in AZ. For instance, small wasps feed on pest caterpillars and can therefore, help you if you intend on growing or have a current growth of chamomile, mints, sweet alyssum, carrots, parsley, Queen-Anne’s-lace and dill.

Grow their anti-matter

Have nematodes taken over your organic farm? Think about growing marigolds as they can shrink their damage. However, you need to do it in the right manner to make sure that it works for you. It is best to take assistance from an expert in organic farming or a professional for pest control within AZ.

Trap them up

Be it snails, slugs, pill bugs, or earwigs; they all like shady and damp places to hide in the hot weather. You can set up trap nests like broken crockery, seashells, and boards to provide them much-needed shelter until they are washed down in soapy water. Get up early in the morning to pick up your traps to ensure that the pests are already in them.

Call in the professionals

If your garden has been seriously taken over the pests, you can only try to implement these pest control AZ methods to lower the damage, but it will be nearly impossible for you to completely get rid of them on your own. In fact, methods that are stated above will only truly work in your favor after you seek assistance from a professional pest control AZ company.

Professionals will go through your garden and will take necessary steps to save your garden against the current pest infestation. They will also equip you with important steps to take to make sure that your garden remains safe in the future.