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When Pests Attack your Garden

Horticulture is a great past time. You can grow flowers for decoration, and fruits and vegetables to bring some minerals in your diet. On the commercial side, growing specialty mushrooms like oyster and shiitake in your garden pays off if you are looking for additional income. But whatever the purpose of your gardening activity, pest control becomes necessary at one point or another. Here you will learn some practical advice on what to do when your garden comes under attack.

Understand the Situation

Instead of bringing out your shotgun to do away with the squirrels once and for all, you should have an intelligent approach towards pest control Phoenix. You should try to understand why some creatures come crawling forth in hordes.

To begin with, they are hungry. If you are growing nutritious plants in your backyard, critters will definitely come. Not only do they have to feed themselves, but they are not bound by the law to honor your land rights!

Moreover, some insects are actually beneficial. For instance, garden spiders and lady bugs actually act as natural pest control, eating away pests that are eating your produce! If you have these in your garden, half of your problems are solved. In addition, flying bugs like bees are required for pollination. So some pests are actually necessary.

Place Physical Barriers

Sometimes the problem is not with insects but squirrels, raccoons, and mice. Now these can, in some cases, be avoided without professional pest control phoenix services. You can use physical barriers like tents and cages, or whatever that discourages these relatively larger creatures to enter your premises. Indeed, it has been observed that by making entrance a wee bit difficult for these mammals, you can actually divert them to another food source (perhaps your neighbor’s garden!). Point is that these invaders just wanted a clear-cut entry; even a small barrier can change their path.

Use Different Planting Methods

We have already noted that pest invasion is natural and that you will have to face this problem as a horticulturist at one point or another. In such a scenario, you should try to different agriculture methods.

For instance, increase the quantity of your plantation. This is simple to understand. But more than that, you should also rely on succession planting. In this way, even if one batch is infested, you will still have a couple more waiting to sprout. So the more you grow, the more you have reap, even after the pests have had a feast.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services

Finally, if things are getting beyond control or you don’t have time and energy to tend your garden and fight termites simultaneously, then the best choice is to call in pest control Phoenix services. However, make sure that the company you hire falls within EPA guidelines and doesn’t use methods that will harm both your health and the plants you are trying to protect. Hiring pest control Phoenix means that the enemies of garden will return for a long time!