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What to Look For In a Pest Control Company?

Imagine you wake up the next morning just to find the foul smell of roaches or a trail of ants by the window railings? These signs indicate that your house is pest infested and needs immediate attention. So what would be your first course of action now? Grab a phone directory and call the first number in the list of pest control az? But wait! Think for a minute before you dial the number. There are several things that you must know before hiring the services of exterminators. Many people think that all pest control companies are the same in terms of the product they use. The only difference lies in their prices and packages. Well, that’s not true.

Look in the local directory or search online for pest control az and you will come across numerous names in this field. Now how would decide on one of them knowing that your selection would affect your beautiful home and your kids? Don’t worry researching on exterminators is not rocket science. There are just a couple of things that you must check when looking for a pest control service.


The easiest way to find a reliable pest control company is to take advice from your neighbors. They are living in the same locality and may have been through the same problem. The type of insects and their appearance mostly depends upon the locality and its surrounding areas. If that is the case here, then your neighbor’s house would also be pest infested. Ask them their course of action and what they did to get rid of the house pests. This would also give you an excuse to visit their place and check for yourself the services of their exterminator.

Online Reviews

If you do not get a satisfactory result from there or if it’s your home specific problem, then the next place to look for is the World Wide Web. Search for “pest control az companies and reviews” and you will find a list of exterminators in Arizona and what people think of these companies. Personal blogs and informal reviews are a good way to know the reputation of a company. These are usually written by the users of these services who have been so impressed or depressed by their services that they spared time to write a review on it.

Pre-Treatment Inspection

Now this is really important. You don’t know what kind of pests your house is infested with. Look for companies that offer a pretreatment inspection before the final fumigation process.  For example, the trail of small cockroaches may be because of a gutter leakage two streets down. In such cases, the exterminator needs to treat that area first. If they will fumigate your house only, this will get you rid of them for a while but then they will come back after a few weeks. It is really important that the exterminator first inspects your place and locality, diagnose the root cause of insects in your house and then proceed with the treatment.

Post-Treatment Services

Last and the most important are the post operative measures. As aforementioned, the pests may retaliate. Look for companies that have a good reputation for after sales services.

Search online for a list of pest control companies in Arizona, shortlist them on the basis of the abovementioned factors and then make the final decision on the basis of their packages. Just a few minute efforts will let you sleep peacefully without the apprehension of waking up to find so many unwelcome and harmful guests in your house.