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Types of Rodents Found In Arizona

Rats and Rodents may look cute in pet stores and reality shows, but they are one of the most harmful and yuckiest pests. Rodents may pose some serious and scary health risks if found in your home. And this is not something very uncommon. Arizona is home to rodents; its warm and moist climate attracting several types of rats. Not all kinds of rats can be handled the same way. A thorough inspection of your place and the surrounding locality by any of the expert az Exterminators will tell you whether you need rodent trapping or rodent proofing.

Imagine yourself playing with your kid in the backyard and suddenly you spot a rat near the outhouse, or you climbed up the attic after a couple of months and found a rat nest there. Surely you are going to call any of the az exterminators, but that’s just not the solution. The permanent treatment depends upon the type of rodent.  Here is a brief overview on different types of rodents found in Arizona to help you recognize the species that you may spot in your house or yard.

Black Rats

Arizona is said to be the home of black rats. These species like the warm climate of Arizona which makes it easy for them to reproduce. The worst thing about roof rats is that they are almost dead during the day. They hide in such small openings, pipelines and dark holes that make it impossibly difficult to find them. On the other hand, they become amazingly active and fast at night which makes it difficult to catch and fight them. Black rats have become a nuisance in Arizona with their scary faces and even scarier diseases.

Roof Rats

Roof rats mostly reside in attics, which are not visited very often. Attics are usually filled with old stuff that we do not need very frequently. Think of yourself. How many months has it been since you last climbed up the attic? This room of the house is visited very infrequently which makes it easy for rats to live there for a longer period and expand their population. They make their nests in the corners and leave droppings everywhere including the ventilation system of your house. They are so small and fast that they access the pantry via the sidewalls and tear away the stored and packaged foods.

This specie of rodents multiplies very rapidly and causes serious health risks. Roof rats are comparatively easy to find and kill than black rats. You know where to find them. Although they do not stay in the attic all the time, they explore other places as well with kitchen pantry being their favorite picnic spot. However, sooner or later they come back in the attic. One or two roof rats can be tackled. However, you cannot be sure on how many of them are there in your house considering the fact that they reproduce very quickly. You will find many az exterminators experts in Rodent trapping. Have them come and inspect your place for roof rats. They would be able to tell how many roof rats are residing within your premises.

When living in Arizona, rodents are not something to be taken light of. Just a phone call to a rodent control expert and you can save your family and your beautiful house from them.