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Termite Treatment

Your house is probably the biggest investment that you might have made. Now you would not want that to be ruined bit by bit by unfriendly and uninvited pests in your house that do not only destroy your property but also are a health hazard.

If you know that there is a termite infestation in your house your first impulse should be to contact pest control in phoenix Arizona. The following are a few guidelines that will portray how exactly you can manage pest control treatment in your own house.


Laying out termite baits is an effective form of treatment that can help you see the last of these pesky critters. The trick here is to figure out where to lay the bait. Professional pest control agents have tools like the monitoring stations that go in the soil and are able to determine the high traffic areas were these termites dwell. Once they can tell where this is it only a matter of time before the insects pick up on the bait, devour it and be exterminated.


There are tons of these that you can make use of like the one where you have to use a physical barrier. You can use a steel mesh or a certain type of sand that does a great job as far as physical barriers are concerned. Nematodes and fungi can keep termites at bay and have a good success rate too.

That being said while there are tons of do it yourself methods for exterminating termites it is recommended that you leave those methods to the pest control agencies. They are better versed at the notoriously difficult task of completely getting rid of these pests from your home.

Professionals have the expert knowledge that most of us lack. This includes the technology and chemicals that we do not even understand how to use. To ensure these do not scatter throughout your home and expensive wooden furniture, ask the professionals.


This was formerly known as the large scale pest control method. It was effective against roaches, termites and many other insects. However the widespread controversy of the substance being a threat to human health has led to a decline of its use and popularity in pest control.

Infra red Cameras

Infrared cameras can detect high moisture areas and therefore the areas that have the highest risk of termite colonies settling in. This makes it easier to detect and prevent before it is too late.


This method works best for dry wood termites. Dry woods live in structural components. What happens is that during the termite control the insects die within the infested walls. Also in order to make sure that this method works it is important that you identify the site of the infestation first.

However the most important tactic is that you get your house inspected. You may have stumbled upon one swarm, but it is possible that there are other present as well.