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Signs That a Termite Infestation May Be Present

It is not very difficult to tell if a house or office has been attacked by termites. You do not always need a professional for this type of inspection as you can do it yourself by having a little knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

If you have been wondering about the same thing then you have landed on the right page. Given below are some common signs that signal towards a termite infestation. Make sure you look closely for these signs so that you can contact a termite exterminator in Phoenix in due time.

  • One of the most common signs is mud tubes that generally sprint across concrete or masonry. These are very easy to identify and are a sign of the presence of termites. These tubes may also be present between the soil and wooden parts of the building. Wood is one of the most sensitive places as termites find it very easy to grow in it. You should carefully look at all wooden materials. These mud tubes are generally about the size of the diameter of a pencil. However, some might even be larger.
  • Termites have wings that may be found in your house. If you spot any then it is a sign that you need the help of a termite exterminator in Phoenix. However, you must be able to differentiate between the wings of a housefly and termites. Their wings are generally small (3/8 – 1/2 inch long) and paper-like. These may be found on your counter top, floor or window sill.
  • As mentioned above, wooden parts of your house or office are among the most susceptible. If you notice that they begin to sag then it might be a sign of the presence of termites. You should not waste time in contacting an exterminator in Phoenix as termites can quickly spoil wood and spread across easily.
  • Wooden and paint surfaces that appear bubbled or thin are also considered a sign of the presence of termite.

It is very important to keep an eye on all these signs and not let any of them go unnoticed. Quite often people make the mistake of not paying attention to these signs only to have a surge of remorse later on. Make sure you do not let termites go undetected for a long period of time. Such a move may end up costing you a lot of money and causing you harm.

You need to cover them as quickly as possible so that they can be removed before they can cause any major damage. However, it must be mentioned that your job is only to identify the symptoms of the presence of termites. You should not try removing them yourself as such a thing may cause you great damage. The right thing to do is to call an exterminator in Phoenix to perform this job for you. Exterminators in Phoenix are professionals who understand how to perform such jobs easily and efficiently.