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Signs of a Bed bug Infestation

Bed Bugs

The problem of bed bugs is very common all across the nation and they are rampant in Phoenix, Arizona as well. . It is one of the reasons why Phoenix pest control services are in high demand.

It is possible to get rid of bed bugs but this problem can be very difficult to manage mainly due to a number of reasons. It is essential, in most cases, to acquire professional help to take care of any serious infestations.

How to control Bed Bugs?

Most people choose to spend large amounts of cash on ineffective, time consuming, Do-it-yourself methods in order to get rid of their bed bug problem. Others, unintentionally, bring back these pests once they have been eradicated by an exterminator. These problems arise due to lack of basic knowledge regarding these pests.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Infestation

The main question that arises at this stage is how do we get to know if there is bed bug infestation or not? A bed bug feeds on human blood much like a tiny vampire. Bed bug bites are most commonly confused with mosquito bites, spider bites, skin rashes, and even hives. These bugs are fond of biting you at night when you are asleep. Their favorite areas to feed on are usually the exposed areas of the body, like, face, arms, legs, and neck.

If you suspect a bedbug infestation in your home, you should be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • You should be on the lookout for any live bed bugs, crawling about your mattress seam. The adult ones are usually about the same size as an apple seed, therefore, it is easy to spot them.
  • Be on the lookout for any dark spots, which are the same in size as a pin head. These dark spots are the excrements of bed bugs, and they may be spread across the fabric in the same manner as a marker or felt pen would.
  • Look out for bed bug eggs are very small in size; they are typically1 mm in size and are white in color.
  • The young or baby bed bugs shed their skin as they grow.
  • Look for red colored or rust colored stains on your bed sheets. These stains are signs of the excrement of a bed bug or perhaps the sign of a bed bug being crushed.

How to deal with a Bed bug Infestation?

Treatment of a bed bug infestation can be very tricky as these pests can easily hide anywhere. It is therefore, essential for you to get this treatment done from a professional Phoenix pest control company in order to completely rid yourself of this nuisance and get a good night’s sleep. The abovementioned tips might help you detect them but professional exterminators can rid you of them once and for all.