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Removing Rats from Your Attic

Do you have a rat infestation in your house? Rats are a common problem in the country and are found in many attics. If you have rats in your attic, you should get rid of them immediately because rats can contaminate your food and transmit diseases such as the rat bite fever and Hantavirus. Thus, your health is exposed to risks and so is your safety, because rats chew electrical wires, increasing the chances of a short circuit. Rats also gnaw on other structures and damage them.

The best way to get rid of rats is to hire reputed Arizona exterminators. Other than that, you can try the following techniques.

Poison the rats

Poising the rats works to some extent, but this is not a complete solution. Some of the rats are killed, but other rats come to replace them and continue to cause problems. As for the dead rats, you will have to dispose them, otherwise they will rot and cause your attic to smell horribly.

Trap the rats with snap traps

Traps can be more effective than poisoning and instantly kills the rats. But even with this method, you have to get rid of the dead rats. If you do not do this, your attic will start to smell and gradually, the pungent odor will spread in your entire house.

Catch the rats with glue boards

Snap traps are just one sort of traps. There are many others as well such as glue boards and cage traps. Glue boards do work, but snap traps are still a better option. Glue boards do not always succeed in catching the rats and even if they do, the rats can escape.

As for cage traps, they are used for catching rats and then relocating them. The rats are not killed in the process, but do you want to bother with all of this?

Clean the garage

Cleaning the garage is not really a solution, it is more of a prevention. Rats are usually found in places that are dirty and unhygienic. Keeping your place spotlessly clean does help in keeping them away. Never leave any food lying outside and treat spills as soon as you can. Regularly clean your place and make sure you are not leaving anything about that can attract rats.

Take help from the pros

As already mentioned, the best way to get rids of rats is to seek the services of Arizona exterminators. These companies have a trained team and have all the knowledge that is required. They use effective methods and completely eliminate rats from your house without endangering your health or exposing you to risks of any sort. But they key here is to hire a company that is reputed and offers quality services. Only then will they be able to deal with the problem.