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Make your home stress-free and pest-free with KY-KO!

No matter what time of year it is, your home is susceptible to unwanted visitors. That’s right: we’re talking about bugs, pests, creepy-crawlies, and whatever else you call them. There you are, minding your own business in the comfort of your home, when you turn a corner and see a roach on the wall! Even worse are the unwanted bees or scorpions that tend to pay Arizonans a visit around this time of year. You want a pest-free home. How do you get there?

You may be tempted to buy a cheap bottle of pesticide and a few sticky traps at the hardware store and call it good. Before you jump to a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, learn why you should really call a professional pest control company to come out and inspect your home. KY-KO Pest Prevention is a leader in the pest control industry, and we’re ready to help you say goodbye to pests.

DIY pest control? Try these options instead

A store-bought bottle of pesticide may keep the bugs at bay temporarily, but they won’t stay away for long. Additionally, you’ll have to keep buying pesticide monthly to continually protect your home. That’s if the pesticide actually stops the pest infestation; most of the time, it will not. That’s partially because most DIY homeowners spray around their homes and sometimes inside, but they don’t always have the insider knowledge as to how, where, and when to spray. Our technicians have expert knowledge and certified skills to spray your home the right way. Call KY-KO today to get started!

Even if you’re working with a professional company, you can take your own measures to ensure your home stays safe and clean. First, you can check all doors that lead to the home’s exterior and make sure the bottom seal sits flush against the ground. If you see pockets of light at the bottom of your doors, you’re looking at an open doorway for bugs to crawl through. Seal the edges and bottoms of your doorways to prevent bugs from walking right inside.

Second, you can purchase sticky traps, hanging fly traps, or pest catchers as an extra, preventative measure around your home, especially during the hot, dry season. While you don’t necessarily need these extra precautions if you’re working with a professional pest control company, you can purchase a few traps if it brings you peace of mind. A second level of protection is never a bad idea!

Finally, keep your home clean, especially your floors. By keeping your floors free of food, sticky spills, and messes, you’re leaving no room for a bug to hide and little for them to eat. Many spiders, scorpions, and roaches like hiding in messes or under a pile of trash or laundry. Clean your home regularly, and you’ll ward off those pests. If you’re worried about bed bugs, have one of our technicians come out to inspect your bedrooms.

The benefits of going pro

When you choose a professional company, you’re choosing the best in care, comfort, and customer service. Why wake up on a Saturday and spend an hour or two spraying your house and protecting it from bugs? Leave that job to us! Here are just a few benefits of hiring the professionals at KY-KO Pest Prevention:

— We do more than just pest control: We are pest control experts, yes, but that may not convey all the services we offer. Unlike many Valley pest control companies, we also handle pigeons, bees, roof rats, and weeds! A pest control company does more than just spray down the outside of your home. We handle a wide variety of home problems and have the proper tools and equipment to take care of your needs!

— We offer home-sealing services: KY-KO is the only company in Phoenix to employ a full-time crew dedicated to home sealing. Our 25-step process includes locating potential entry points in your home, blocking those points from unwanted pests, and sealing them off for good!

— We are certified and highly recommended: Don’t just take our word for it—read the hundreds of reviews from happy customers! We’re a trusted, well-known company with dedicated to providing you with excellent service. You may be able to eliminate a few bugs with your own DIY solutions, but—with a professional company—your home will receive the maintenance and pest-free security it deserves.

Enjoy summer the right way—with a pest-free home!

Instead of spending your summer stressing about pests or buying more ineffective sticky traps every weekend, call KY-KO Pest Prevention and have our pest professionals take care of your home and family! From termites to tarantulas and beetles to birds, we can handle any and all of your home pest needs!