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Pest Control: Mice Facts

House mice are one of the most common pests in the country. Every year Arizona pest control companies deal with thousands of these creatures as they try to eradicate them from several homes. Is your house infested by mice? Here are some things that you should know about mice if this is the case.

You are not the only one with a mouse infestation

Mice can infest homes in the summer season as well, but they mostly do so in winter when the weather is chilly and temperatures are cold. Generally, mice enter in the months between October and January to find food and water, and stay away from the cold. Every season, there are almost 21 million homes that get infected and then have to seek the services of a reputed Arizona pest control company to get rid of them.

Mice have huge appetites

Mice may appear to be tiny, but do not get fooled from their size. In contrast to their small bodies, there appetites are huge which forces them to have food nearly 20 times in day. Since they have to eat so frequently, mice prefer to remain in close vicinity of food sources. What this means is that your kitchen is likely going to be target of many a mice. Take precautionary measures and you will probably not have an infestation. Should you get one, take the help of a reputed Arizona pest control company right away.

Mice can be regarded as athletic

Surprising as it may seem, mice are athletic creatures and are extremely good at jumping, climbing and even swimming. So how does this affect you? Mice will do anything to gain access to food, so even if you keep it high above on shelf, do not be surprised if you find small teeth marks on it the next day. Storing your food high is not a way to keep mice away; you will have to keep them in containers that are made from hard materials and have very tight lids so that mice cannot gnaw them.

Even a small crevice serves as a good entry to a family of mice

All mice are not very small, but they can still squeeze their bodies through the smallest of openings and gain entry anywhere they want. Even if there is a small hole or opening in the wall or pipes of your home, mice can use it to enter. Inspect your house thoroughly, and properly seal all openings you come across.

Mice are a germs transmitter

This is one very good reason to keep your home mice-free. Research estimates that they are a carrier of almost 200 pathogens; they can even cause diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. As such, if you notice any sign of an infestation, take the help of a reputed Arizona pest control company so that your health is not exposed to any risks.