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Pest Control AZ: Bed Bugs Travelling Tips

The holidays are here; do you have any plans to travel? Amazing if you do, because you are bound to have a great time.

While traveling can be fun, there are times when things may go wrong, and should this happen, you will have to go through the consequences. One of these is bringing bed bugs back with you when you reach home.

Bed bugs are found in hotels, and if you stay in an infested room, there is a good chance they are going to hide in your bags. Should this happen, your home will also become infested once you are back.

As such, companies offering pest control AZ recommend that you should protect yourself and take necessary measures in this regard.

Bed Bugs Fact

Whether you are staying at a five star hotel or a cheap inn, there are equal chances of an infestation. For all the money you may be spending on your accommodation, there is not absolute surety that you would be able to have a room free of bed bug.

From these hotel rooms, bed bugs can also hide in your travelling bag. They can live without human blood for months one end, so even if you vacations are long, they would wait until you reach back home. Once you do, they will start their colony in your bedroom.

Even if you are absolutely sure, your hotel room is not infested, you should still take precautionary measures given below to remain on the safe side.

Inspecting your hotel room

Any reputed company offering pest control AZ will advise you to do the following, once you step in your hotel room.

— Initially, keep your luggage in the bathroom because this is one place in a room where there are no bed bugs. Hotel bathrooms are dry and well maintained, so this will not be an issue.

— Pull back the bed sheets and inspect the folds and seams in the mattress. If there are any brown stains or spots, the room might be infested.

— Also inspect the bed boards, couches and other prices of furniture in the room.

— Keep your luggage in a plastic bag or cover it with any other material so that it does not become a target to bedbugs.

Should you come across anything suspicious during your examination, notify the management, and request a change of your room. You can transfer to any room, as long as it is not adjacent or directly above or below the infested room. Bed bugs can crawl through walls so if a room is infested, there is a good chance that the ones near to it also are.

Getting Back Home

When you reach back home, reputed companies offering pest control AZ advise the following tips.

— Inspect your luggage thoroughly and only then take it into your house.

— Before you store your suitcase, vacuum it just in case.

— Thoroughly wash all your clothes that you took with you on the trip.