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Methods You Can Use to Eliminate Bees from Your Home

A bee in close-up

If you are being threatened by a bee infestation then it is within your rights to get rid of them. Bees have been known to invade living areas and homes of people. In such circumstances it is necessary to get rid of them. Bees are an essential part of our eco system as they help produce honey. However if your personal safety is at risk then you should take measures to get rid of them immediately. Bee removal Phoenix experts believe that fighting off a bee infestation is really a simple task if you know how to go about it. Let’s discuss the methods that you can use to protect yourself and your home from a bee infestation.

What is the Source?

Before you take any drastic measures to get rid of bees it is important that you find out the source of the infestation. Often at times people fail to identify the insect that is posing a threat to them. Wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are other insects that you could mistake for bees. You should carefully look at the hive and figure out whether it is truly bees that are infesting your home or not. But don’t get too close or you may risk getting stung.

Be Humane and Protect Yourself

Your main aim should be to avoid killing the bees. Only use methods that cause the least amount of damage to the bee hive and the bees. You should also properly protect yourself to avoid getting bee stings. Make sure that your children and pets are also protected in case of a bee attack. If you can’t handle the bee infestation on your own you should consider calling in experts like bee removal Phoenix.

Using Water

Warm water can be very effective for killing honey bees that are infesting your home. This is also probably the safest way of getting rid of bees without causing too much damage. You can use a pressure sprayer filled with warm water to spray the bee hive. But don’t use boiling water. Warm tap water should do the job. Also use the pressure sprayer as it can help you keep your distance from the hive.


Borax is often regarded as one of the most effective insect killers. It is a great natural solution to the bee problem in your home. All you have to do is get the borax powder into the bees nest after that in a matter of days all the bees will be dead. However to spray the powder into the nest you will need to protect yourself first. So wear gloves, a face mask and thick socks when you perform this task. The powder will work as soon as the bees make contact with it.


These were some the best methods that you can use to get rid of bees so don’t waste any more time and get started right away. You can also get expert help at bee removal Phoenix if you are facing a serious problem that you cannot handle on your own.