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How to make sure that you select the most suitable Pest Control Company for your maintenance needs

Professional Arizona pest control services become a compulsion for all homeowners when insects seriously infest exteriors and interiors of the house. However, numerous considerations need to be taken seriously before hiring a pest control company.


Local and state agencies issue legal pest control licenses to companies. Therefore, while short-listing different companies; make sure that they are legally licensed. Also, check if their licenses are current or expired. Many companies have policies to compensate the clients for any damages caused by the workers or employees. Make sure that you also inquire prospective companies if they have such policies.


While selecting an Arizona pest Control Company, make sure that you look for the same degree of excellence and competence that you would expect from a lawyer or a doctor. A truly dedicated company will outline the major infestations in your house and will be willing to discuss the treatment methods that you require. Major areas that an Arizona pest control company should discuss with you are:

  • Type of pests present on your property
  • Severity of the infestation
  • The pesticide chosen and its ingredients
  • Application techniques
  • Steps to take to counter the possible negative health effects of the pesticide
  • Instructions that homeowners should follow to ensure successful application of the pesticide (such as removing pets, empting the cupboards, keeping the house locked for 24 hours etc)
  • Steps to follow post-application to make sure that the situation stays under control in the future.

Past records

A competent Arizona pest control company will have a long list of satisfied clients along with impressive past records. Do not only rely on the company’s salesperson to provide you with this information. Discover the information on your own through getting recommendations from family and friends and getting in touch with past clients of the company.

Work guarantee

You will be surprised to see many companies that will take absolutely no responsibility for their work or the outcomes of the pesticide application. As a rule of thumb, reject any such companies. Instead, search for companies that provide guarantees of their work with applied conditions. For instance, if the company’s guarantee requires you to not get your home repainted in order for the guarantee to apply, make sure that you ask the company, or take its permission, if you wish to get your house repainted.

You must also reflect on concerns such as resident pets, presence of the elderly or infants on the property, sensitivities, and allergies that occupants might have before making the final decision. Intelligent customers receive bids from at least three competent companies and look beyond the price factor to make a suitable decision for their family.

Ask the Arizona pest control company that you have selected to use the least amount of toxins on your property and make sure that you follow all of its instructions to foster positive results.