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Looks can be Deceiving

There is no doubt that birds are not only beautiful but are attractive creatures that have been the source of great many inspirations. But not everything about them is wonderful. For instance, pigeons can cause multiple problems for us. It is not only that aesthetic compromise that their droppings make but also other problems that make it necessary to call pest control in Phoenix, Arizona. While crows, sparrows and seagulls are also the source of similar problems, they are often found in lesser number than pigeons.

If not them, you might have seen their legacy on window ledges, rooftops and walkways as such places are easily accessible to pigeons. Pigeon droppings carry a number of diseases that can enter the human system in a variety of ways. Moreover, they are corrosive which causes damage to property. However, the solution in this case is not to kill beauty, but to take measures that prevent pigeons from stopping by at your rooftop or window ledges. In order to do this, you need assistance from pest control in Phoenix, Arizona. The following passages describe the threats posed by pigeons in greater detail:

Health Risks

One does not necessarily have to come in physical contact with pigeon droppings for the health risks to become prominent. In Lake Havasu City, Arizona, these have already proven to be a serious problem as they carry numerous germs. When found near surrounding water sources and air exhaust systems, these germs can enter our bodies involuntarily. It can lead to serious problems such as histoplasmosis, a problem with the lungs but with symptoms similar to flu. In some cases, the germs may lead to deadly diseases such as salmonella and meningitis. There are many insects that are attracted by pigeon droppings and they can play a major role in spreading the disease. Therefore, it is imperative to call pest control in Phoenix, Arizona and ensure that such diseases are never found in the vicinity of human dwellings.

Threat to Safety of Structures

Many may believe that pest control teams are usually called because of the aesthetic damage that pigeons cause but in most cases, that is not the primary concern. Pigeon droppings have an acidic nature and as we know, acids can react with a great variety of elements to corrode them. Structures are usually built of metals such as iron and steel. When these materials come in contact with acids, a reaction starts which continues until intervened. In a building, every part of the foundation is important and needs thorough attention. The failure of one point in a structure can cause the whole building to collapse. This has already been evidenced in the case of Minnesota Bridge. To avoid such horrendous disasters, it is important to call pest control in Phoenix Arizona.

Pest Control in the Most Humane Way

As mentioned above, the solution to end the problems mentioned above is not to end the existence of pigeons. Kyko Pest Prevention has patented products that could be installed on window ledges and rooftops. These products do not harm pigeons but solely serve as repulsive objects.