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KY-KO Conducts Free Home Seal Inspection

If you try to handle this on your own, you will have to be ready to risk the return of these pests. There is a greater possibility that your efforts went to waste because the pests went into hiding and you did not eliminate them. The best way to keep pests out of your home is by sealing it to make it pest-proof. This is something only professionals can handle, so you need to call in the best pest control AZ professionals.

To seal your home, you need thorough inspection of the facility to find every crack in the walls, holes in furniture, cracks, and crevices where these annoying pests can sneak in.

Living in Arizona is a challenge when it comes to trying to make your house pest-proof. Some dangerous pests might sneak into your home and threaten the health and lives of your family members. For example, scorpions, termites, bees and even rodents can find their way into the house.

KY-KO is the only Pest Control AZ Company that dedicates its crew to providing FREE home seal inspection all year round. This involves an easy 25-step process, and it is hassle free. The team handles everything so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Just to give you a brief idea about their approach, here are some steps they take:

Dust and seal foundation: They spend an entire day clearing the dust and finding places that need sealing.

Seal space under doorframes: They seal space under doorframes where there may be enough space for creepy crawlies to crawl under and into your home.

Adjust Thresholds: Some times, thresholds are too misplaced, creating enough space for creatures to crawl under and breed, finding their way into the house.

Seal around A/C electrical boxes and lines: There might be space between A/C electrical boxes and around lines where some creatures that like heat would want to live.

Screen roof vents: They will seal spaces in the screen roof vent as well.

Screen interior vents in bathrooms and laundry: They will screen the laundry and bathroom area also because some pests love living in these places.

KY-KO Offers Guarantee

This company stands out as the best pest control AZ because they offer guarantee that the pests will not come back. They make sure their clients are covered, and even revisit the facility to make sure they have done a great job. This is something not every pest control Company in Arizona offers.

Latest at KY-KO

The latest new strategy that KY-KO has adopted is that they offer a multi-trip service. This allows them to complete their job of making your home pest-free, so that you are at peace and they feel proud of being the best pest control AZ Company.

They conduct a FREE inspection, and plan an estimate of their approach to ridding your home of pests.

They offer a lifetime guarantee!