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Keeping Rodents Away

Rodents are a common household pest in Arizona and the country. They contaminate your food and expose your health to serious risks. If you have rodents in your home, you should get rid of them as soon as you can. Hire a reputed company that offers pest control in AZ, and they will take care of the situation. One they are done with their job, you will still have to take certain measures that ensure the rodents do not return. Here is a detailed look at these. If you have no infestation, then also you can make use of these measures.

Notice signs of an infestation

Observe your house and see if you come across any droppings. These are the size of an apple seed and are either black or brown in color. Their sight is not pleasant and a musty odor is often found to hang in the air. Rodent droppings also cause diseases, which is why you should avoid any sort of contact.

If you cannot find these, you may come across torn paper or chewed up food. You may also found some fluff in your drawers or underneath your mattresses.

Clean up your house

Proper cleaning is one of the simplest methods to repel rodents. Keep your house clean at all times. There must be no food particles lying around anywhere, and there also must not be water spills. Both can attract rodents.

We suggest that you should conduct a thorough cleaning of your house, starting from your basement and proceeding right up to the attic. Wear rubber gloves and reach out in all dark corners. If you have any stored boxes, wallpapers, cloth furniture and mattresses, remove them all. Also discard any other material that can be chewed easily or utilized as a nesting material.

If you still have to store all these items, do it in tight containers, and seal them up in plastic bags.

Seal all holes

As you clean your house from bottom to top, observe all the walls, windows and doors. If you come across any sort of opening or crevice, seal it up with caulk, cement, plastic or another appropriate material. Also notice the gap between your floor and the door. Try to close this as well because rodents are tiny creatures, and can get in through any opening.

Store your food items properly

Open food is what attracts rodents the most. Never keep your food lying around, and keep it covered at all times. Store all your pulses, grain and rice in tight containers and keep them in dry places. Make sure the doors of your cabinets are not loose and shut tightly.

Once again, if you have an infestation, avoid dealing with it on your own. Instead, you should hand over the task to a reputed company which offers pest control in AZ.