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Keeping Pigeons Away

Pigeons are a common pest in Arizona. You may often have come across signs that ask people not to feed to these birds. Know why? Because when you offer them food and water, they show up in bigger numbers and controlling them becomes difficult. If you ever have to face a pigeon infestation, you should call a reputed Arizona pest control company right away. Pigeons are a nuisance; they not only make noise and create a mess, but they also carry diseases and endanger your health.

Here are some methods for repelling pigeons away.

Unfriendly Habitat

Make your yard less attractive to pigeons and they will automatically find some other place to breed. If the infestation is huge, you should block off access to the area. If there are still some openings left, cover them up with wood, netting, or mesh. There should be no crevices or open vents through which pigeons can gain access.

You should also create weird angles on your ledges and windowsills. Use wood, metal, or Styrofoam sheets for the purpose. Affix them to the windows and ledges such that they make an angle of forty five degrees. This will prevent pigeons from roosting.

Needless to say, you should keep the area free from food, water, and even waste.

Spikes and Wires

Angling your windows only is not as effective as when you use wires or spikes with it. We suggest that you should fix some of these on your roof or any other area, where you cannot change the angles. There are many sorts of wires that can be used for this purpose such as stretched wire, porcupine wire, or bird spikes.

Stretched wires are attached with brackets onto a heavy gauge. You will have to install them across the entire roosting area. Porcupine wires feature prongs sticking out from them at different angles. Bird spikes also feature prongs, but they are projected out in a straight line. Another option is wire coil, which can repel pigeons by creating unevenness in the area.

If you want, you can also use electric wires. These comprise of conductors that give the pigeons a sensation of shock when they touch the wires. While you should be able to install them by yourself, take help from the pros if you have any difficulties.


Trapping pigeons may work if you can kill them later on. You cannot relocate them because studies claim pigeons have a tendency of returning to the original site. Pigeon traps are available in many sizes and materials. Heights of six feet and nine feet are common. As for the materials, they are mostly metal, wood, or net.

If none of the above work, get in touch with a reputed Arizona pest control company, and they will help you get rid of the infestation.