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How to Get Rid Of Rats and Mice

If you are sharing your crib with rats and mice then do not worry because there are ways you can get rid of the intruders. Without much ado let us present you with the tips on getting rid of rats and mice.

Keep Your House Clean

It is very important to keep your house clean if you want rodents to stay away. These are usually attracted towards dirty corners. Plus, food that has fallen on the ground also attracts them as they may arrive to fetch something. It is important that you keep your house clean and give no reason for rodents to show up uninvited.

You need to keep the whole house clean and not just the ‘dangerous’ areas. However, special attention should be paid to the kitchen and other such zones.

Keep an Eye on Their Activity

It is important that you know their ‘entry and exit’ points so that you can easily stop them from entering. You need to make sure that you do not provide them any opportunity to enter your premises. Firstly, it has to be assured that they are not found in remote corners such as the attic. Once this has been checked you need to ensure that there are no cracks or openings from where they may possibly enter. In case such a thing is found it is important that you close these entry points.

However, it must be remembered that you need to get rid of the animals first before closing the entry points. This is because rats and mice usually use the same route as their entrance and exit points. If the animal is inside and you close the point then it may not be able to get outside causing you trouble.

Small infestation can be controlled this way; however, if there is a huge problem of rats and mice then you will need to hire professional exterminators in Phoenix. At times the infestation may be so bad that the rats/mice may be present inside your walls. In such a scenario you should not waste any time in contacting a professional exterminator in Phoenix so that the damage can be controlled.

Do Something about It

It is your responsibility to keep your house or office safe from these intruders. Once you are sure of all the exit and entry points it is time to do something about the rats/mice present. In several cases you may not be able to stop these animals from entering your house altogether even if you have closed all entry points.

This is because they have several ways to reach your house including your toilet and trees that have branches inside. Additionally, you may also set a few traps to catch rodents and get rid of them. These are easily available in the market and often serve the purpose.

Hire a Professional

What will you do if all the tricks fail? In such a situation there is no other option but to hire the service of exterminators in Phoenix. They know their job well and can help you get rid of the rodents, no matter how bad the damage or infestation is.