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How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches in Your Home?

The cockroach is the yuckiest insect amongst all. Though it does not scare many people but creates a nauseating feeling just by looking at it. The most sickening thing about a cockroach is its white blood. Kill a giant cockroach and you won’t feel like eating anything for the rest of the day. Apart from the disgusting feeling that it creates, these insects can also be very dangerous, if found in the kitchen which is their most favorite place. They contaminate the food and crockery and may also trigger allergies in children..

Why let such a small creature hurt you or your family when you can get rid of it very easily. Here are some ways to save your home from this small pest.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services

Cockroaches are of many types and species. Which ones would attack your house depends upon your locality, surrounding areas and the weather conditions. They usually reside in hot and wet areas and the kitchen and bathroom are their favorite places. Moreover, they mostly come out at night when they can easily roam around over the kitchen counters and stove without any disturbance.

Gel Bait

The best way to get rid of them is to hire professional exterminators. Google for “Pest Control in az” and you will find numerous companies offering their services to rid your homes of cockroaches. Most of them use a gel like product to kill these insects. The gel is applied to all the cockroach’s favorite rooms and wet areas of the house. This gel serves as bait for them. It attracts them and lures them out of their hidden caves. The gel baits work like slow poison. Cockroaches eat it and some also get stick. They carry this poison with themselves when they go back to their nesting sites and thus kill the entire cockroach colony.

If you have countless small or baby cockroaches in your home, then a onetime treatment won’t rid you of them. In such cases, look for pest control in az with a good reputation for after sales service. Most of the small cockroaches die before making it back to their place. Next day, another group of them comes to attack. Here the gel needs to be applied several times to kill them.

Insecticide Sprays

Some exterminators and pest control in az also use pest control sprays, insecticides and white dust to kill cockroaches. Such stuff leaves a lot of mess behind which could be dangerous especially if you have kids in your home.

Suck Them Out

Once the pest control people get successful in their war against cockroaches, use a thin pipe vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust and dead bodies of these creatures. Look beneath the cabinets, under the stove, behind the sink and all such hidden places. Cockroaches when attacked by a pesticide usually run towards such small places and then die there.

Post Treatment Measures

The smell of some insecticides is very strong in the beginning. Take your family on a full day vacation when the cockroach baits are been setup in your house. Also, these cockroach killing poisons last for maximum 12 months. Have your place fumigated again after a year. In the meanwhile, keep your house clean and dry. Just don’t clean the things where the insecticides have been applied.