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Here are signs your business needs our commercial termite services

If you own a business and commercial property, you know just how important the actual building is to your business. Without it, your operations might be completely compromised, putting your business in financial peril. It’s imperative that property managers and business owners alike keep an eye out for termites here in the Valley. By being proactive, you can make sure that commercial termite services like those offered here at KY-KO Pest take care of the problem fast and early, with no lasting damage to your business or building.

Call our team to schedule your free termite inspection here in Phoenix. We’re ready to help answer your questions.

Here are the signs your business needs commercial termite services

If you’re noticing any of these red flags, you need to call the professionals at KY-KO Pest Prevention right away for a free termite inspection in your business:

Random sawdust

As termites consume wood, they digest it in the form of a sawdust-like material. If you notice any substance that resembles dust or fine powder along the edges of your walls, it may not be actual dust. There may be dry wood termites to blame. In businesses where there shouldn’t otherwise be sawdust accumulation—such as office buildings and restaurants—be on the lookout for strange material buildup.

Mud tubes on the exterior of your building

If you notice pencil-sized tubes made out of mud on the side of your property, you may have a subterranean termite infestation. These types of termites require specific humidity levels and temperatures to survive, so they create tunnels to block out the elements. If these tubes are on your property, termites may be thriving inside of it. You should give us a call to schedule a termite inspection.

Blistering or bubbling wood

When termites feed on wood, they can cause the surface area to bubble. This may occur on practically anything on your property made from wood, including flooring and walls.

Discarded wings

Termites leave their wings after they find a mate and a new area to start a colony. These wings are pretty small, but if there are a lot of them, you’re bound to notice. Finding a pile of tiny insect wings may indicate a swarm of termites is infesting your commercial property.

Damaged wood

Of course, termites may cause visible wood damage. Chewed wood often has long grooves. Common places to find wood damage include behind or below walls and floors.

Soft spots on your walls

If you press lightly on the walls in your building and notice the wood sinking inward, termites may be wreaking havoc on your structure. Soft spots are a result of termites building tunnels through wood or drywall.

Small holes in paper

You may have files or books around your workspace. Termites may go for these materials since they’re made from wood and relatively easy for them to digest.

Call KY-KO to schedule commercial termite services

If you suspect your business has termites in or around the building, give our team a call and have us inspect for termites. Best-case scenario, you don’t have termites. Second best-case scenario, we catch the termite infestation early, before there is major damage to the building and corresponding disruption of your day-to-day operations.

To schedule your free termite inspection here in the Valley, contact our team today!