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Green Pest Control – The Basics

Pest infestation is a nightmare for every home owner. Pest control in AZ often becomes a necessity for many homes because once a pest finds its way into your home, it will never leave its dwelling unless you take the necessity precautions and prevention measures to get rid of it.

Pests are attracted to your home because it is source of food and water and provides them with shelter. Not only are they feeding off your resources, they are also leaving behind a lot of bacteria that are harmful for you and your family.

In spite of this fact, there are many people who do not prefer to kill the rodents and other creatures that enter their homes. People avoid tackling the problem, but later, things go from bad to worse, because pest infestations are like wild fires, they continue to spread and grow until curbed.

What is Green Pest Control?

Green Pest Control, combined with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), offers a humane way for pest control. Companies that offer green pest control in AZ are strong believers of the fact that pest control should not only kill the pests. Observing the pests, indentifying them, eradicating them, and then assuring that the necessary precautions are taken to avoid future infestations; this is the process usually followed by green pest control services.

How does it Work?

Preferring to opt for ways to trap the rodents and pests, green pest control professionals use simple mouse traps, or other methods that can ensure that the creatures will be caught without any harm being done to them. They discover the routes that the insects have been using to enter your home and block them permanently along with eliminating your pest problems.

For instance, if a mouse enters your home through the tiniest of space left underneath your door, pest control services can install a door sweep at your door to barricade the entrance of further furry little house guests.

Even if you have cracks or holes in your walls that are posing as a passageway for termites, ants or cockroaches, etc; professionally trained experts can block these crevices quite effectively, providing you with a home that is pest-proof.

Benefits of Green Pest Control

Experts in green pest control realize the importance of using non-toxic ways to eradicate the pests in your home. Hence, they use products that will be less harmful to you, your pets, as well as your plants. The reduced use of hazardous chemicals is also beneficial for our environment, leading to a greener, safer and healthier home.

The use of green pest control entitles an environment friendly approach and the use of organic materials as well. It is a much safer approach to eliminate pests from your home, as compared to spraying toxic fumes throughout your home to kill the insects and rodents.

Homes with pets and children benefit greatly from green pest control in AZ as pets and babies are in a greater danger of ingesting or even inhaling poisonous substances that are kept around the house for killing rodents. A toxic-free chemical spray also reduces chances of inhaling hazardous chemicals into the body that can have adverse effects on our health.


Hence, if you’re looking for a greener and safer way to keep your home free from pests, green pest control is the way to go. So choose a company for pest control in AZ that use environment friendly practices to ensure a pest-free residence.