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Get Rid of Termites Effectively – Hire a Pro

Termites are silent house invaders, able to cause tremendous damage to people’s properties. They can also be the reason for allergies and other serious diseases. Termites are small, social, hardworking insects that create long tunnels through the wooden house construction and other parts of a building. Chewing their way through the wood, they can cause severe damage and headaches to homeowners worldwide.

Termites cause more damage than fires, earthquakes and tornadoes

According to the latest research, termites have caused more damage to US homes than fires, earthquakes and tornadoes put together. Each year, they cost US homeowners more than five billion dollars in damages. The costs for individual properties differ – obviously they differ based on the level of termite infestation. Preventing a termite infestation is a priority for numerous households around the US.  

Termite infestation stops people from buying their dream home  

A termite infestation is one of the top reasons people decide to pass on a great opportunity to purchase the house of their dreams. Aside from checking the house location, interior and exterior, wise buyers always look for termite infestation signs prior to buying a house. If they notice any mud tunnels in the nearby area or other common signs of an infestation, wise buyers will decide against buying the property.    

Common termite infestation signs

Even though termites are not always easy to detect, there are a few sure signs of a termite infestation.

  • Mud tunnels

Termites create tube-like tunnels made of mud to provide moisture while they travel back and forth, searching for food. These mud tunnels are usually seen on the outside structure of the house (walls, concrete slabs and brickwork). The tunnels are often thin as a pen, but they can get thicker if the infestation is not prevented on time.   

  • Damaged wood

If you notice damaged wood or wooden objects sounding weird when being knocked on, call termite control professionals right away. Since wooden cabins, floors, doors and windows are the major food source for termites, any holes and cracks are clearcut termite infestation indicators.


  • Frass

This is another sure sign of termite presence in your house. Frass refers to termite fecal pellets that can be usually spotted on floors, near windows or practically anywhere in people’s homes.

  • Cracked paint on wooden surface

Cracked paint near window frames, vents and roof siding is a sign that termites may have found their shelter in your cozy home. To identify a termite infestation, you should also consider checking for cracks on your house exterior and foundation.   

Professional termite control – an effective way to get rid of termites for good

If you have noticed any of the aforementioned signs of a termite infestation, chances are you would want nothing more than dealing with the pests effectively. As every termite queen may lay up to a thousand eggs per day when the termite colony is older, it’s crucial to act quickly. In order to ensure proper and effective termite control, give our termite control professionals a call.


At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we successfully deal with any kind of termite infestation. We carefully detect the termite type and extent of infestation, and create a plan to remove these home invaders once and for all. Since using pesticides to get rid of termites by yourself may have a harmful effect on your health, it’s always better to call professionals. Our skillful team will take care of your termite issue quickly and safely.

Benefits of professional termite control

Hiring a professional pest control service is always the best option, especially when dealing with termites. Beside the many years of experience and technical equipment, termite control professionals are skilled, knowledgeable and always well prepared. Here are some of the major benefits of hiring a professional termite control service to help you get rid of termites.

  • Effective and safe products

At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we only use effective products that are non-toxic to people or their pets. Although there are numerous products on the market which are advertised as effective, they can be quite harmful to your pets or plants. We take the health of our clients seriously, making sure their environment is not only termite free, but safe and healthy as well. We ensure that the ingredients we use are EPA approved.

  • Licensed professionals

Out termite control team includes highly trained, licensed professionals that guarantee high quality performance when protecting your home against termites. People who are not licensed for performing termite control services cannot guarantee their quality and will therefore charge you less. Unlike them, we completely stand behind all our services, providing our clients with a five-year warranty.


  • Long term warranty

At KY-KO Pest Prevention, we offer a five-year warranty for our services, including an annual termite inspection. Within this period, we meet our clients’ needs in terms of ensuring their home stays termite-free, without any additional costs.

  • A peace of mind

A professional termite control service doesn’t only help you deal successfully with termites in times of an infestation; We can give you a peace of mind all year round with our annual termite control inspection of your property. Since we are constantly focused on high quality, we take the stress out of termite control, making our clients happy and satisfied.

Moreover, if you have spotted your dream house, but you don’t want to buy it due to signs of a termite infestation, we can help you out. Our experienced team will assist you in effectively getting rid of these invaders and experiencing the joy of having your new home only to yourself.

Call a pro and enjoy a termite-free home

You now know the major benefits of hiring a professional termite control service. If you are facing a termite challenge in your living area or suspecting a termite threat, don’t hesitate to contact us. The more you wait, the greater the consequences you’ll end up dealing with.  

Schedule your free termite inspection today and check out our latest promotions. We will make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy life in a termite-free home.