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Flush Out Unwelcome Guests from Your Home

Good Night! Sleep Tight! Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!  

This all time favorite bedtime rhyme of kids seems cute but the main character of this poem is far from being cute in real life. Bed bugs are the most royal and lavish species of insect. Not only do they stay in your room and share your bed, but they irritate you so much at night that you start hating your cuddly bed and prefer sleeping in the living room. Why let them take over your bed and belongings and surrender defeat when you can easily win over them.

Continuing the above rhyme, “Don’t let the bugs bite! And if they do, then take your shoe and knock them till they are black and blue”. Well it’s not as easy as the rhyme portrays it to be. First you need to lure them out in the open and then attack. And there are other weapons for you also if you do not want to waste a pair of shoes smashing them.

Here is a plan of action for your war against the most irritating unwelcome guests in your house. Have any of the exterminators az help you out in your mission.

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

First and most important is to confirm whether you have these night time enemies in your house or is it just a guess because your neighbors have it. There are two ways to be sure of that. First is to find the actual bug or its eggs in the house. Now this is not as easy as it sounds. The bug’s tiny body, rapid movements and hiding places cannot be tracked easily. Even your eyes won’t be able to detect their hiding places, let alone reach out and hit them. Look for a professional entity in the phone directory under the head of exterminators az. Have them come and inspect your place for bugs.

Another way to know if you have bed bugs is if you see red itchy rashes on your body in the morning. They look very much like mosquito bite marks and may be just mosquitoes after all. The only way to ensure is to have it checked by a medical professional.

Bed Bugs’ Favorite Hideouts

These are some places where bed bugs love to hide. These critters don’t stay very far away from their meal. They hide in places from where they can quickly get to the bed and to you at night.

— Under the mattress or the springs of the bed

— Headboard and the bed frame

— Under the dressing table, nightstand or in the bedroom closet

— At the edge of wallpapers or floor carpets

— Behind the picture frames and wall clocks

How to Get Rid Of Them?

Once you are sure you have bed bugs in your house, don’t waste a minute in throwing them out of your place. Thin pipe vacuum and hot laundering will get you rid of them for the time being. However, you cannot treat them permanently with these household tools. Even a single egg will reproduce many of them in just a few days. Call for professional help. Search online for exterminators az or bedbugs pest control. Wash all the bed sheets, curtains, linens and thoroughly clean your furniture after the treatment. Professional help from an expert with proper cleaning and post treatment measures won’t make them attack your bed again.