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Exterminators: How to Hire the Best Ones?

Exterminators should be a man’s best friends since dogs apparently cannot get rid of pests. And pest control is what you need even if you see more ants than usual. If pests and rodents are building a community in your house or they have already invaded it, you know whom to call: Phoenix exterminators.

However, the problem is that there are dozens of extermination companies serving in your area and it is hard to make a choice. And since pest control is serious business, you don’t want unprofessional or an outright fraud company to mess things up.

That is why in the rest of this post, we will go over some things you need to keep in mind when looking for Phoenix exterminators.

What’s Bugging You?

The first step in the process of hiring exterminators is to know your pests. Most companies specialize in dealing with different types of pests. So it is good to know what is infesting your house. Major categories are:

  • Rodents

  • Garden pests

  • Termites

Make a Plan of Action

The next step is to determine a course of action, even if you can’t identify the type of pests in your house. Of course, only the pest control company will advise you on the best course of action, but you still need to make your mind on what kind of extermination you need:

  • Is the bug problem indoors or outside?

  • If there are rodents, do you want them to be killed to simply trapped and released?

  • Do you want an environment-friendly approach, even if it may not be as deadly?

These are the questions that need to be answered beforehand.

Where to Look for Exterminators?

There are several places to search for Phoenix exterminators. The most obvious is the internet, where a simple search can generate hundreds of results. However, the first place you should always try for pest control companies is your social circle. Ask family and friends who have hired extermination services themselves, and they will be able to recommend some names for you.

As mentioned before, pest invasion is a serious issue, one that destroys both your comfort and health. That is why it is prudent to first ask those whom you know personally and trust with the references.

When Searching the Internet

Finally, if no one among your acquaintances provides a reference, then obviously you will have to use good old Google. However, not all businesses on the internet are genuine, which is why you need to be cautious when searching for exterminators online.

The first thing you need to look for is ratings by credible bodies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Look at the experience of the company after that.

Along similar lines, also check if the company has hired licensed and certified employees who only use state-of-the art equipment. Good indicators of the worth of any company are the testimonials of previous clients. Finally, see if the pest control company provides a warranty or not.

Follow these tips to ensure that you find the best Phoenix exterminators.