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Eradicating Bedbugs

A bedbug infestation is a common problem from which many homeowners suffer. Fortunately, there are effective methods with which you can completely eliminate bedbugs. While treating bedbugs, remember that mitigating them away is not the solution. Instead you will have to kill them so that there are no infestations in future as well. You can try implementing these methods by yourself, but availing the services of reputed exterminators AZ is a much better option. Their techniques are more effective than yours, and they implement them without exposing you or themselves to risks of all sort.

Here are some ways in which bedbugs can be killed.

Using heat

Bedbugs can neither bear high temperatures nor withstand freezing temperatures. As such, extensive heat or chilly cold can be used for killing bedbugs. Here is what you can do to eradicate bedbugs while limiting safety risks.

— If the infestation is in your clothes or bedding, you can place these items in the dryer. Set it to high heat and run ten minutes or so. The temperature must be greater than 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 degrees Celsius to achieve effective results.

— If your garments cannot be washed and instead have to be dry cleaned, you can still keep them in the dryer. This time set the heat to medium so as not to spoil your clothes.

— You can place your furniture out doors In the sunlight if it is infested. If bed bugs breed in a rug or carpet that cannot be easily washed, place that in the sunlight as well. Do this on a day when the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is  greater than average. For the method to be effective, you will have to pace the infested items in sunlight for over 24 hours.

Utilizing freezing

If you realize you have a bedbug infestation in the winter season, you can still eliminate them by keeping your things outside in the freezing temperature. Wrap them up properly in plastic, and place them in shaded areas where temperatures are colder.

Freezing does produce results, but is still not effective as heating. As such, you may have to keep your things outside for over two days if the temperature is around 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius. If they are higher than this, it will take about a week for bedbugs to be eliminated.

Hiring professional exterminators

As already mentioned, a reputed pest control company is the best way to control bedbugs. This will incur costs, but the results will also be much better. Pest control companies make use of reliable techniques for eliminating pests, and do so without subjecting you to any sort of risk.

While hiring a pest control company in AZ, select one which has served  a number of years in the industry and has acquired a license.