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Eliminating Bees Effectively

Is the garden outside your house filled with bees? Yes, they do produce a lot of honey, but they are also pests and can harm you as well if they sting or bite you. This will cause inflammation to develop on your skin, which appears in the form of bright red patches. At times, the allergic reaction can be painful as well, as so you should take steps to eliminate bees.

While you can try eliminating bees by yourself, it is definitely not recommended. Bees live in huge colonies, and disrupting this can be annoying for the bees and problematic for you as well, when they start attacking you in huge swarms. As such, make sure that you hire a reputed service offering bee removal Phoenix for the job.

Here is the method that is followed by bee removal Phoenix companies.

Identifying the Bees

Home bees exist in many types that differ in their living characteristics. As such, the same methods for eliminating bees cannot always be followed, but modifications have to be made with regards to the bee type.  Generally, common bees that are found on residential properties are carpenter bees, bumble bees and humble bees.

Honeybees prefer to reside inside walls, and are not that easy to locate. Bee removal Phoenix companies make use of a hammer or a similar tool, and tap it on the wall. Any place where a soft buzzing sound is heard or the surface feels warms is possibly a location where there exists bee colony.

Carpenter bees do not live in colonies, and prefer to live in wood, especially in areas below decks, eaves and fascia. If there is any location where small round holes are present along with a pile of sawdust is possibly a breeding place of carpenter bees.

Bumblebees are very similar to carpenter bees, but they live on the ground, often beneath rocks and stones. They also prefer areas where there is not much traffic.

Removing the Bees

Most of the reputed bee removal Phoenix companies do not kill the bees because of the benefits they bring to the environment. Instead they try to repel them away by using insecticides in very minute quantities.  At times, the job is also done with diazinon or carbaryl (Sevin) powder, which can be dusted near the bee colony.

If the bees have set up their colonies in walls, pest control companies often remove portions of it to access the hives. The bees are then vacuumed and stored in another hive, at times, they are transferred to a frame and then moved into the hive. Some companies also try to trap the bees through a cone or net of mesh wire and then lure them into another hive.

Some of the bee removal companies also remove the hives and repair your damaged structures, but this is often done at an extra fees.