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Effects of Pesticides

Do you have pests in your home? Yes, you will be able to eliminate them with pesticides, but there is one major problem. Pesticides are toxic in nature and expose you to health risks. As such, you should avoid using them on your own, and instead hire a reputed company offering pest control in Phoenix for the job. They are trained with pesticides and can use them without endangering your health. In this article, we will present to you the most common effects of pesticides.

Pesticides can be harmful if you misuse them or overuse them. They not only affect your health, they have an impact on the environment as well. The most dangerous of these are birth defects, learning disabilities, and cancer.

Pesticides are poisonous

Pesticides are toxic in nature and can poison you and other animals as well. There are so many people which report to poison centre and emergency care units every year. According to a survey, over 7,500 poisoning cases are because of pesticides and nearly half of them are because of agricultural uses.

Children are more severely affected than adults

Pesticides can harm adults as well, but children are more prone to their effects. This is because children are closer to surfaces where pesticides have been used such as the ground and the floors. Moreover, children are in a growing age, and so the effects may not be visible initially. In the long run, their brains may be affected because of pesticides that were used some years ago.

Though any child can suffer from exposure to pesticides, farmers’ children are at a higher risk because they come in contact with these toxic substances more often. Studies claim that cancer is more likely in children whose parents are associated with pesticides or who are often exposed to them.

The government has already taken steps to minimize this damage. Before any pesticides hit the market shelves, they are thoroughly reviewed and tested until all their risks have been minimized.

Pesticides also harm other living organisms

Pesticides are harmful to other living organisms as well, and not just humans. These include honey bees, which are severely affected. As such, pesticides should never be used in an area which is in close vicinity of their hives. If bees are exposed to these toxic substances, their pollen and nectar gets contaminated and the affects traverse to their hives as well.

Other than this, pesticides can also harm your adorable pets.

Now that you know that there can be serious consequences of using pesticides incorrectly, you should leave the job to a reputed company that offers pest control in Phoenix. As a precaution, when your house is being treated, you should move away your kids and pets for the time being. Ask your chosen pest control company in Phoenix and they will suggest you more precautionary measures.