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How to deal with termites?

Dry wood Termites

Pests and termites are a common problem in Phoenix. It is important that you look for a viable phoenix pest and termite control service, when faced with these pesky pests.

One of the most common termites found in homes is the dry wood termite. This kind of termite is capable of causing significant damage to your homes if given the right amount of time. It is therefore, important that you hire a reliable termite exterminator the moment you identify an infestations.

Where to look for dry wood termites?

Their name is an important indicator as to their whereabouts. These termites reside in places where dry wood is present. This type of termites can be found in door frames, wooden fence posts, wooden furniture and other wooden products found in a household. These termites can be complicated to deal with, as they do not need to be near a water source to survive. The expertise of a phoenix pest and termite control service provider, are required to deal with any problems pertaining to dry wood termites.

Is it necessary to call pest control to deal with dry wood termites?

It is a must for you to call a termite control company if you think that your home or any place near your home is infested. This is because, as opposed to the damage inflicted by a subterranean termite, the damage of a dry wood termite occurs at a very slow rate. It becomes visible only when the damage is quite extensive. It is therefore, important that you get frequent inspections done of your home, usually after every 2-3 years. These frequent inspections will allow you to locate a termite infestation way before it spreads. As a result you will be able to control it before it even starts to grow.

How to get rid of Dry Wood Termites

Dry wood termites are not affected by insecticides around the boundary of a building, or other conventional methods that are used to get rid of normal forms of termites. The best way to deal with dry wood termite infestation is to inject the insecticide, in the form of a solution, inside the wood. It the termite infestation has grown to a great degree and is beyond control, then fumigation may be recommended.

How to prevent drywood termite infestations?

The best way to prevent an infestation of Drywood termites is to treat the wood with Borate. Borate is a chemical which prevents any dry wood termites from getting into your home altogether. The treatment involves injecting the wooden surface of your furniture, or any other product for that matter, with Borate. This, however, should be done only by a professional. Doing it yourself might lead to health issues that can be costly to treat and can make the situation worse as well.