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Dangers Associated with Common Pests

Is your house infested by any common pests? If the answer is yes, you should resort to a reputed company that offers pest control in phoenix az..

Here are some of the dangers that are associated with common household pests.


Rodents can enter into your home through any crack or opening. If you house is infested by these, you will find their droppings somewhere, particularly in those areas that you do not often visit. Check your pantry and inspect under the baseboards for signs.

The droppings of a rodent can cause an allergic reaction in humans. But this is not just it; they can also cause Hantavirus, which is a very serious disease. Rodents also carry bacteria and if they contaminate your food or your kitchen appliances, you can become infected.


Bees and other stinging pests are one of the prime reasons people visit emergency rooms every year. These pests can sting you if you enter into their territory so as to protect their larvae and colonies. Consequently, irritation develops on your skin and you may suffer from an allergic reaction.


One of the prime reasons for asthma is cockroaches, especially for children under 10 years. A cockroach contains several allergens, which enter our home through droppings, saliva and decomposing bodies of dead pests. Bacteria also reside on the bodies of cockroaches and may become a source of contamination.


Mosquitoes breed in those places where water remains standing for prolonged periods. You can become infected with the West Nile Virus if a mosquito bites you. The bite can also cause allergies and ugly red patches on your skin.


Ants live in colonies and so if you spot one of these, you can expect there would be hundreds more. These contaminate your food, cause irritation and can endanger your health.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs carry quite a few diseases with them, but there is no certainty if they are transmitted to humans or not. There are a few researches that state bed bugs cause leprosy, oriental sores and Q – fever, there is no concrete evidence of this. If they bite, they can also cause your skin to swell up.

So if your house contains any of these pests, seek the services of a reputed agency offering pest control in phoenix az. There are DIY methods, but they are not effective in dealing with pests, particularly if the infestations are large, and so they are not recommended. Only a professional service can completely eliminate these pests and so you should contact them immediately.