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Control and Phoenix Exterminators: Commonly Used Terms

Do you have pests in your house and are planning to get them eradicated? Well, before you proceed and contact Phoenix exterminators, here are some of the terms that are commonly used by them. Understanding these would make it better for you to comprehend their techniques and methods.


In a wide sense, pest is referred to any living creature that is annoying or a nuisance. A more formal sort of definition could be any living organism that is not wanted, can cause damage and can endanger humans and pets. Though insects, mice, rodents and bedbugs are very common pests, the term is broader and can be used for other species as well. These include fungi, bacteria, viruses and weeds. If you have any of these pests, contact reputed Phoenix exterminators, and they would help you get rid of them.


A pesticide is the name given to a substance that is meant for destroying, killing or mitigating pests. Basically, these are chemical compounds and are available in a large variety. Different pests are eradicated with different sorts of pesticides. The most common of these are:

  • Insecticides – used for eliminating insects

  • Weed killers – used for killing weeds

  • Fungicides – used for preventing and killing growth of mildew, mold, rust and other fungi

  • Rodenticides – used for controlling mice

IGRs and PGRs

Insect Growth Repellants or IGRs and Plant Growth Repellants or PGRs are substances that used for altering and disrupting growth of pests. This prevents them for increasing to higher numbers.


A repellant does not kill a pest. As the name suggests, it just repels pests and distracts them to another region. A repellant is used when certain pests are not wanted in a region because they increase health risks.


As the name implies, attractant is an ingredient that is used for luring a pest into a trap. Once the pest is caught, it is controlled and killed. Attracts also exist in many types, and there is probably no single type that would be effective for the pests.


Pheromones can be regarded as an attractant in the sense that it uses a natural or manmade secretion of a pest. This is done to evoke a certain type of response in the pest. The purpose is to attract or repel the pest from a region.

Registered Pesticide

All pesticide are reviewed and given an approval by the EPA before they can be marketed, sold or used. This is done only if the substance meets the standards sets for safety. If so, the pesticide is given a license and assigned a registration number, which is mentioned on the label. If this is not so, the pesticide is not registered.


Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a relatively new approach that combines several different practices for controlling pests, but none of them are based on chemicals.