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Common Pigeon Control Solutions

When we talk about pest infestations, home owners envision, different types of insects or even rodents attacking their homes. It is rarely considered that the pigeons that you see flying around your home and in the nearby park, can actually become a pest problem.

Unlike other pests, pigeons usually nest outside your home and find a way inside only through broken windows or big holes. They roost on the ridges of your roof, and on top of the trees in your garden and you can never suspect that they might invade your property and find shelter within the confines of your home.

During nesting seasons, pigeons look around for stable areas where they can lays their eggs and raise their young in peace without their nests being disturbed. If they find a way into your home or attic, they will probably prefer to build a nest inside rather than outside, because inside, they can be safe from the harsh weather effects, as well as other predators.

If you have been seeing a lot of pigeons and bird droppings in your garden and tired of cleaning it up time and again, you need help of Exterminators AZ, who can effectively reduce and even eliminate your problem. If pigeons end up making homes in your attic, the constant cooing is bound to annoy you at some point in time and that when you need expert help for pigeon removal.

Pigeons also carry dangerous diseases; and their droppings and even the rotting bodies of dead birds, can cause various germs to infect your area, making your home unhealthy and unsafe for your family.

Pest control services offer various ways to solve the pigeon infestation and roosting issues. A few of these solutions include:

1. Netting

In order to stop pigeon infestations, expert Exterminators AZ can place wired netting on the areas from where pigeons have been entering your home. Once, all the pigeons have been thrown out, blocking their entry ways will ensure that they do not infest your home again.

2. Spikes

If you have an external pigeon roosting problem and you want it eradicated, pest control companies can install spikes or wires on the edges of roofs and other places where pigeons can land. This trick does not harm the pigeons as it is a visual deterrent and pigeons opt to stay away from areas where they cannot land properly.

3. Shock Systems

Some pest control companies offer another humane way of keeping way pigeons from your home. The installation of wires that emit electric shocks is a good approach if you want to keep the pigeons away. The shock system does not harm the birds, it just emits a shock and the birds can see from afar and thus, they avoid landing near the wires.

4. Poison

There is of course the traditional and less humane way of dealing with pest infestations; meaning the use of poison. If a large number of birds have inhabited your home and are stubborn enough to evade other methods of pigeon removal, then you might be left with no choice but to opt for this method. However, most pest companies have now moved towards more humane ways of pigeon control, hence, this approach is rarely used, except in extreme situations.


Overall, even though it’s fun to feed pigeons in the park; having them as uninvited guest in your home is not a very pleasant experience. So opt for Exterminators AZ if you have a pigeon problem or if you would like to avoid the risk of a future infestation. They will provide you with trained professionals who can accomplish the task efficiently.