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Common Myths about Bedbugs

Bedbugs are a common pest and infest homes, inns, hotels, buses, restaurants, and other public places. These pests do not transmit any diseases but they can still bite, which causes itchy, red patches on your skin. The best way to deal with bedbugs is to appoint a company which offers pest control in Phoenix, Arizona.

There are many myths associated with bedbugs. Let us take a look at the most common of these and see if there is some truth in it.

Placing your bed out in the cold will kill the bedbugs

Half true. Cold kills bedbugs, but extreme cold does this. Bedbugs have been known to survive for several days in end in sub-zero temperatures. Keeping your bed outside will not kill them until you do it for around two weeks and the temperature is below freezing at all times. Only then, there is a chance that you can eliminate bedbugs, otherwise they will still be there.

Bedbugs feed during the night only

Not really true. Bedbugs are nocturnal creature, which means they will come out whenever you are asleep. Since we generally do this at night, it seems as if that is the time when bedbugs find food for themselves. The truth is that bedbugs can adapt to your sleeping pattern, and if you do this during the day, that is the time when they will feed.

Bedbugs cause welts when they bite you

Once again, half true. Bedbugs can leave welts, but this is noted for around 40% to 50% people. Whenever a bedbug bites, everyone reacts differently to it. In some cases, huge welts appear and in other cases, the skin just touches into an ugly, red patch. Whatever the situation is with you, you will have to use a suitable ointment to treat your skin.

Bedbugs spread diseases

Not true. Bedbugs may carry diseases such as typhus, plague and anthrax, but they cannot spread them. So bedbugs will not cause you to fall ill, but your skin will suffer when they bite.

A doctor can figure out you have a bedbug infestation by studying the bite on your hand

A bedbug bite is similar to a bite from a mosquito or spider, but one that is different is that bedbugs bite in clusters. But this still does not guarantee that you have an infestation until a reputed pest control company in Phoenix conducts an examination.

Bedbugs cannot be seen with the naked eye

You can see adult bedbugs even with the naked eye. With a brownish, red color, they are roughly the size of an apple seed.

The best way to deal with bedbugs is to hire a company which offers pest control in Phoenix, Arizona. Indeed, there are many DIY techniques but you are always better off when you leave the job to the pros.