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Common Diseases Spread by Rats and Mice that You Need to be Aware Of

Rats are among some of the most persistent parasites. Not only do they cause damage to property but are a source of multiple dangerous diseases as well. The infectious bacteria that they carry in their blood present great risks to human health. Since they can bite and chew through almost anything, they can leave these bacteria anywhere to multiply.

It is not necessary for a rat to bite a human in order to transmit the disease they carry. These can also be transmitted through their droppings as they may come into contact with water or food. Plagues are often associated with black rats but that is not all. Phoenix pest control companies suggest that you read on about three of the most deadly diseases caused by rats and mice:

The Three Deadly Diseases Caused By Rats

Murine Typhus

Nature often comes as a surprise and may pose dangerous threats where you least expect them to be. Even though Murine Typhus is spread amongst humans through rats, they are not the source of this disease. It is caused by bacterial fleas that breed on rat skin. These fleas are easy to deceive the eyes but once they bite human skin, they spread a virus. It may take considerable time to realize that one has been bitten by such a flea but in later stages, the disease could lead to muscle pain, joint pain, nausea, vomiting, neurological imbalance and even death in some patients. Therefore, if you see any infestations around your house, call Phoenix pest control immediately.

Weil’s Disease

The technical term used for this condition is Leptospirosis. It is among some of the most common diseases in the world that spreads from animals to humans. However, this infection can also be classified in different stages. When rats come into the equation, it is termed Weil’s disease and may lead to symptoms such as high fever, severe headaches, abdominal pains, diarrhea, jaundice, red eyes, hearing loss, fatigue and sometimes renal failure as well as liver failure.

Like other diseases caused by rats, Weil’s disease also comes without a warning as the symptoms may take up to 14 days to show. While there is a cure, one should not leave themselves prone to such threats. Eliminate every trace of such threats with Phoenix pest control.

Rat Bite Fever

In the case of this one, the name itself is scary enough to take precautionary steps by calling phoenix pest control. As the name suggests, rat bite fever is caused when a rat bites human skin. The virus instantly spreads through the rat’s mucous. It can lead to problems such as chills, fever, headaches, vomiting and muscle aches. Severe cases may lead to skin irritations, swollen joints, ulcers and rashes. The wounds caused by this disease heal slowly causing the symptoms to remain for a considerable period. It is important to note that this disease may not only be caused by a bite but may also spread if a rat’s droppings come into contact with food or water. By taking help from Phoenix pest control, you would never have to fight such a terrible disease.

Get the Right People for Phoenix Pest Control

After reading through three of the most severe diseases caused by pest infestations, you would want to make sure that such a problem never occurs in your house. Even if it does, bring it to the attention of Kyko Pest Prevention immediately and end it instantly.