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Bedbug Prevention and Control

Bedbugs are a nuisance. They may not transmit any diseases, but they can still bite you, which results in itchy red patches on your hands, arms, and back. Bedbugs do this at night while you are asleep, and so you cannot really see them. This is a huge problem because until you are bitten, you cannot be sure you have an infestation.

Here are some tips which can help you prevent and control bedbugs. But if things get out of hand, you should quit trying to eliminate bedbugs by yourself and instead take help from a reputed Phoenix pest control company.

Do you really have bedbugs?

There are so many people who are not sure if the creatures that have invaded their house are bedbugs or some other pest. Bedbugs are similar to other insects and so you may be confused. Before you do anything, make sure you are dealing with bedbugs only. Go through bedbug pictures on the internet and observe certain signs of presence like spots on your bed sheet, bedbug excreta and the like.

Figure out a suitable treatment option

Right bedbugs can be treated with pesticide, but there is so much else which you can do instead of this. So before you reach out for the spray can, we suggest you should try other techniques. You could opt for integrated pest management, heat, cold and other options.

Clear your house of clutter

Simple yet effective; bedbugs are attracted to cluttered places because it is easier to hide and remain out of sight at these locations. Remove all unwanted clutter and keep your house tidy and clean.

You should also vacuum your house thoroughly on a regular basis. Vacuum your floors, rugs and even furniture. While doing so, be sure to reach under your bed, and in all crevices in your room.

Make use of special bedbug covers

Do you have bedbugs in your mattress? Cover it up in a special bedbug encasement, which will make it harder for bedbugs to come out. Use these products for a year, but make sure you are buying quality covers that will last till this time, and not tear apart.

Wash your bedding and clothes in warm water

Wash all your bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and clothes in warm water. This will reduce the quantity of bedbugs if not eliminate them completely.

Keep your things out in the sunlight

Heat can kill bedbugs. You can keep all your infested things out in the heat for a day or two.

Hire the pros

We already mentioned this at the start, and it is worth mentioning this in the end once more. If the bedbug infestation in your home is huge, you will have a difficult time in trying to get rid of them. A much better approach is to appoint a reputed Phoenix pest control company, and hand over the job to them. They will do this more effectively, and manage it without endangering your health.