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Bedbugs: Control and Prevention

bedbugs infestation

Control and Prevention

Bedbugs are nothing but a nuisance. Even though they don’t transmit diseases, they can still bite you. This can cause itchy red spots on your arms, hands, and back. Bedbugs typically bite at night while you are peacefully sleeping and cannot see the pesky critters. This is a huge problem because unless you’re bitten, you cannot be sure that you have an infestation or not.

In this guide, we will take a look at some important tips that will help you prevent and even control bedbugs. However, if things get out of control, you should stop trying to fix the problem on your own and seek assistance from a well-reputed pest control company in Phoenix.

1. Check If You Actually Have Bedbugs

There are plenty of people who aren’t sure if bedbugs have actually invaded their home or if they’re just dealing with some other pests. Bedbugs are quite similar to other insects. Thus, you might get confused in identifying them.

Before doing anything, you need to make sure you are actually dealing with a bedbugs problem. Look up pictures of bedbugs on Google and keep an eye out for signs that indicate their presence. Some signs of bedbugs include spots on the mattress or bed sheet, a foul odor, unexplained blood stains, dark stains on walls, bedbug shells, etc.

2. Look for Suitable Treatment Options

You can remove bedbugs using pesticides. However, there is so much more you can do in place of this. So, before you reach out to the spray can, we strongly recommend that you try using other methods. Some options that you can look into include integrated pest management, incorporated pest supervision, heat, cold, etc.

3. Get Rid of Clutter in Your Home

This is a simple yet highly effective way to prevent and control bedbugs. Bedbugs are drawn to cluttered places as it is quite easy to hide and stay out of sight in such locations. Eliminate all the clutter from your home and keep it clean and tidy.

In addition, you should also vacuum your house regularly and meticulously. Vacuum the rugs, floors, and also clean the furniture. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath your bed, as well as in every crack and crevice in your rooms.

4. Use Special Bedbug Covers

Do you feel your mattress is infested with bedbugs? If yes, you can cover up the mattress in a special bedbug encasement that will make it difficult for bedbugs to come out. Once the encasement is complete, the bedbugs will eventually die as they will be trapped inside and inhibited from feeding.

You can use these products for around a year. However, just make sure you are investing in quality covers that will last long and won’t tear apart.

5. Wash Bed sheets with Warm Water

Wash your clothes, blankets, pillow covers, and bed sheets using warm water. This will kill and significantly reduce the number of bedbugs and eventually eliminate them entirely.

You can even put all the infested belongings in the sun for a couple of days and let the heat kill all the insects.

6. Be Careful While Traveling

While traveling, avoid putting your luggage on the bed to reduce the risk of bringing bedbugs home in your suitcase. You should also vacuum your luggage once you return home and make sure you dispose the vacuumed contents in a tightly sealed bag. Throw the bag in a trash can outside.

Moreover, keep your normal laundry and travel clothes separately and wash them immediately with warm water.

7. Repair Cracks

Another way to prevent a bedbug infestation is to repair cracks in the plaster and glue down peeling wallpaper to get rid of places where bedbugs can possibly hide.

8. Cover Power Outlets

Cover your power outlets as bedbugs use power outlets to escape extermination. They climb inside outlet holes and hide there until it’s safe to move elsewhere. In cases of serious infestations, bedbugs can travel through walls via electrical outlets, effectively spreading the infestation to other parts of your house.

9. Inspect Your Pets

Like human beds, bedbugs can be drawn to your furry friend’s bed, where they can find a warm hiding place to lay their eggs and feed.

Make sure to check the place where your pet sleeps and look closely at and around the bed. If it’s possible, wash the pet’s bed regularly on the highest heat and dryer settings.

10. Invest in Bedbug Monitors

Monitors such as ClimbUp Monitors are designed to go underneath the feet of the bed frame to stop bedbugs from getting to the bed. However, this does not mean they cannot reach you in other ways. It is also a handy tool to monitor your bedroom if you suspect the presence of bedbugs.

Make sure you clean the monitors frequently and identify the source. This way, you can easily spot and eliminate the problem of bedbug infestations.

11. Check Your Furniture Frequently

Inspect all your furniture for signs of bedbugs. Start your search from furniture that’s used or cracked, antique or vintage.

Carry out a comprehensive inspection before buying preloved furniture.

12. Always Inspect Preloved Items

Preloved items, even seemingly harmless products, such as electronics, can be a perfect hiding spot for bedbugs. Even if an item appears to be clean, you should always carry out basic checks on any susceptible products that you want to purchase and bring home.

In addition, check the vents on all preowned electronics before buying. Products such as televisions, stereo receivers, remotes, game systems, and computers have vents where bedbugs can hide easily.

Hire the Professionals

Even though we did mention it earlier, we need to reiterate it again – if there is a massive bedbug infestation in your house, you will have a tough time trying to eliminate them. A much better approach is to hire a professional and experienced pest control company in Phoenix and let them take care of the problem. They can do this much more effectively without putting your health at risk.