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Bed Bug Infestation: All that You Need to Know

Bedbug infestation is a really common pest problem in the country. Though bedbugs do not transmit any diseases, they are still annoying and if they bite you, an allergic reaction develops. If you have a bedbug infestation in the house, you should hire reputed exterminators in AZ to get rid of them.

Here are some things which you should know about this pest.

What are bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a small, reddish brown insects with a flat, oval shape. Bedbugs can be eliminated only if they are properly identified. In most of the infestations that occur, people only think they have bedbugs, but they are usually not certain because they do not see them anywhere. Bedbugs usually come out at night, and so identifying them can be really difficult. Hire quality exterminators in AZ, and they will be able to take care of the situation.

How can bedbugs be detected?

Since bedbugs cannot be seen anywhere even if they are present, they are difficult to identify. In most cases, you know you have this pest in your house only after you have been bitten. Bedbugs do this when you are asleep at night, and when you wake up, you will find their bite marks on your hands, feet and back. Your bed sheets may also be covered with rusty streaks which are actually their droppings, or you may see their blood stains. In some cases, bug husks may also be lying on your bed.

Where do bedbugs hide?

Bedbugs hide in all those places that are not so easy to reach. They are transmitted from home to home through furniture, luggage, clothes, and even through moving trucks. Once they enter your house, they hide themselves in your mattresses, behind you bedpost, under the switchboards, in the seams, behind wallpapers, in the carpets or drapes.

What can do about an infestation?

If the infestation in your house is not so huge, you may be able to deal with it. Vacuuming and steam cleaning will repel bedbugs, but does not completely eliminate them. Wash your beddings and sheets with warm water. Leave your furniture out in the sun for around forty eight hours on days when temperatures are hot and the sun is shining brightly. Clean your drawers, carpets and rooms. If there is something that cannot be cleaned, you should just remove it.

All of the above techniques work only to some extent, and are not a permanent solution.

How can you completely get rid of bedbugs?

Bedbugs can be completely eliminated only if you seek help from the pros. Contact a reputed pest control company in AZ, and they will inspect your house thoroughly. Accordingly, they will use suitable techniques to deal with the problem, and soon you will have a house free of bedbugs.