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AZ Pest Control: Bed Bugs Facts

Bed bugs are really annoying pests that are found in many homes in the country. They do not carry any diseases, but their bites can cause itchy, red marks on your skin. In case, your house is infested by bed bugs, call a reputed AZ pest control instead of trying to deal with them on your own.

Here are some bed bugs facts that you should be aware of.

Bed Bugs Live Anywhere And Everywhere

Just as the name implies, bed bugs are limited only to your bed, right? Wrong, this is not so. There are so many people who believe that bed bugs are found only in beds, particularly those that belong to a hotel room. However, there are plenty of other places where you will come across bed bugs such as apartments, single family homes, office buildings, dorms, schools, buses, trains and so on.

According to a research, most AZ pest control companies claim to treat 80% of bed bugs infestation in single family homes, and 88% state they deal with infestations found in apartments and condos. Hotels are actually third on the list with 67%, followed by dorms with 35%.

Bed Bugs Are Not Limited To Just The Cities

The age old myths specify that bed bugs only live in big cities. Once again, this is not completely true. While there are greater chances that they live in urban areas, you can come across them in rural areas as well. Perhaps bed bugs are found more in big cities because they are characterized by a greater population size and increased mobility. These two factors make it fairly easy for bed bugs to spread from one place to another.

Bed Bugs Are Strong

Bed bugs are regarded as hardy creatures, which is a very good reason as to why you should not deal with them on your own. If you have an infestation, take the services of a reputed AZ pest control company instead of trying do-it-yourself methods.

Bed bugs can survive for months on end without feeding on human blood. As such, they can live in bags, furniture and suitcases for quite a long time until they are in vicinity of a human host again. Moreover, beg bugs can survive a wide range of temperatures from nearly zero degrees to almost 122 degrees.

Bed Bugs Come Out At Night

Though other pests can be seen in daytime as well, the same cannot be said for bed bugs. These creatures hide the entire long day, and come out of their hiding places only at night. Despite this, an AZ pest control company can still deal with them and successfully eradicate them.

Bed Bugs Bites Are Easy To Identify

Bed bugs follow common patterns, which makes it easy to identify their presence. For instance, their bites can easily be recognized because the marks appear in the form of a cluster or line on the skin.