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Pest Control AZ: A Guide to Bedbugs

Bedbugs are common household pests in not just Arizona, but other parts of the country as well. Compared to other pests, they do not expose you to the risks of any diseases since they have not been known to transmit any as yet. However, they can bite you, which will cause itchy red, patches to appear on your skin.

What causes bedbugs to spread?

Compared to the past, bedbugs have increased more in numbers these days. Here are the most probable reasons for this.

  • Traveling has increased and allows bedbugs to spread rapidly and widely. Bedbugs can travel through your luggage, clothes and bedding and then spread out, and find new sites to breed.
  • Immigrants have become common in the country, and may carry bedbugs with them.
  • Residual insecticides are not used that frequently. This allows bedbugs to strive and flourish inside buildings.
  • Bedbugs infestations are not so easy to inspect, until handled by a qualified company offering pest control, AZ.This allows them to thrive even more.

Where will you find bedbugs?

Bedbugs can be found in homes, hotels and apartments. They breed in public places and may infest trains, busses and theaters as well. In all these environments, bedbugs will not only be found on the bed and in the mattresses but elsewhere as well. These include chairs, couches, under the carpet, behind switch boards and in clothing.

How can you get rid of bedbugs?

The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to hire a professional company offering pest control, AZ. They will inspect your house and accordingly choose a suitable treatment plan. Still, if you wish to manage the task by yourself, here are some steps o follow.

Perform a thorough inspection

Thoroughly inspect all places in the house that may be a bedbug breeding site. Look under the mattress, in the seams, behind your bedpost and any other places where they can hide. While you may not be able to locate bedbugs, you will definitely come across signs of their existence. These include dark spots on your bed sheets and black excreta.

Prepare your home

Bedbug removal involves some prepartiory steps. If you are hiring the pros, they will take care of this otherwise, you wool have to manage this by yourself. Remove all your beddings, mattresses, pillow cases and wash them thoroughly in warm water. Leave them outside for around two days in the sun. The same goes for your clothes if you bedbugs have infested your wardrobe or a nearby place.

Vacuum your room thoroughly. If the infestation is not major, this should help remove most of the bedbugs away.

Use an appropriate pesticide

Find a pesticide which is designed for killing bedbugs and dust everything with it. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that you do not expose yourself to any safety risks.