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5 signs of a Mouse Infestation in the House

If you have roof rats like this one, you need to give us a call for a free inspection and roof rat removal here in Phoenix.

Your home is under grave threat of invasion! Rather than aliens and flying saucers, however, you have to contend with tiny furry pests determined to eat you out of house and home and coast off your heating bill without paying rent.
That said, the longer mice stay in your house, the more severe the effects will be. So how do you spot these no-good freeloaders before it’s too late?
Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to take a look at our top 5 signs of a mouse infestation in your home!
But enough preamble, right? Let’s dive right into the thick of this!

1. Small Droppings Everywhere

The first major sign you’re getting visits from mice is if you notice mouse droppings littered around your house. Resembling small black dots, you’ll often find them anywhere you store food, be that the pantry, cupboards, cabinets, bins, refrigerators, and more. If you’ve got rats instead, the droppings will be much darker.
Other frequent dropping spots include along the edges of walls and inside small, enclosed spaces (think boxes or old suitcases). Make sure to keep small children and pets away from these droppings, as touching or eating the droppings could make them very sick.

2. Squeaking Noises Throughout the House

If your alarm in the morning got replaced by loud squeaks and scratching in the walls, it’s time to throw the mice out of your house…and buy a new alarm clock too. Mice will build their nest inside crevices within your walls or floor and use openings to travel through your house without detection.
Despite their small size, mice still make a fair bit of noise and the trademark scamper of their feet and high-pitched squeak will give them away. Keep an ear out before you go to bed, as mice are nocturnal and will be most active then.

3. Signs of Gnawing

Seeing tons of tiny holes everywhere you go? Mice could be to blame. These rodents will chew through almost anything if they smell something good on the other side, and nothing from trash bags to boxes of foods like cereal or past will stop them.
In order to keep their teeth sharp, mice will also chew on wood or other sturdy objects. Look for scrapes or gashes in your furniture and walls, as well as any wires in your house or pipes running through. If their gnawing gets bad enough, your house could face serious electrical or plumbing damage.
Mice are also known to eat pet food, so tiny holes in your feed bags are more likely due to hungry mice than Fido trying to get more than his fair share.

4. Your Dog or Cat is Going Berserk

Another sign that mice have invaded your estate is if your dog or cat won’t stop scratching or yelling at certain spots in the house. They have ultrasensitive hearing, and noticing another animal is sure to whip them up into a frenzy.
You should also take caution to keep your pets from eating any dead mice they find, especially if you’re using poison in your house. Otherwise, you risk the poison transferring to your pet when they eat the corpse. Mice can also have nasty diseases which your pet can catch when it eats them, making it a safer bet to steer clear.

5. Greasy Stains

Noticing tiny grease-like stains surrounding the corners of small cracks and openings in your house? Well, when mice squeeze through cracks, the grease on their fur (caused by a mixture of dirt and oils) rubs off on whatever they push through, leaving telltale marks to tell you where the mouse went.
It’s also important to note how big the grease stains you see are. If they veer towards the larger side, it’s a clear indication you’ve got a rat problem on your hands.

But What About Rats?

With the many similarities mice and rats share, you’d be forgiven for thinking the two creatures are one and the same. In reality, rats are a good chunk larger than mice. They also possess sleeker bodies and longer legs, making them quick runners.
That said, rats also carry a lot of the same traits that make mice such devious invaders. They are pack animals, meaning they rarely break into your home alone. They also both breed with incredible speed, meaning it won’t take long until they outnumber the members in your household 10 to 1 (if not more).

Preventing a Mouse Infestation

The best way to keep these pesky rodents out of your house is to close off any opportunities they have to get inside. Seal off any small cracks or holes around the outside of your house to block off easy access points. Take a look at your roof too, as rats can use any opening as a way inside to build their nest in your rafters.
It also helps to eliminate any reason rodents would find your house an appealing place to stay. Make sure to bag your garbage and seal it in cans to prevent rats and mice from using it as a free food source. Make sure to seal all your food in tight containers and get rid of crumbs too.
Keeping any garbage cans you have at least a foot off the ground also makes it more difficult for mice to nab your trash. Elevating woodpiles is a good idea too, as they make ideal nesting sites for mice.
Finally, try to keep your grass cut short. Mice prefer to travel through long grass to hide them from predators, making shorter lawns a less ideal stop on their route.

A Pest-Free Future

And there you have it! Now that you know all about the top 5 signs that you’re dealing with a mouse infestation in your house, you’re ready to block the little pests from taking a single bite of your food!
But in the event that rodents slip past even the tightest of your defenses? In that case, call our team of professionals to come out and kick those invaders out for good!